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Film Review: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987)

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Lovely and resourceful Daria and Tisa escape a space gulag only to crash land on a nearby world where a guy in tight pants named Zed is playing The Most Dangerous Game. Zed turns the girls and another guest loose in his jungle preserve to serve as the prey in a mad hunt. Armed only with knives and their wits, the girls must battle their way accross the jungle to a hidden arms cache before Zed catches and kills them.


I guess we can all agree that 2020 has not been the best of years. Luckily, we can at least take some enjoyment in movies, or take pleasure in making fun of the bad movies. It’s good that some of these “bad” movies can be fun, even if you’re just laughing at them. And with that, I present to you Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity.

Let’s start with a question. What does Hard Target, Surviving the Game, Game of Death, and Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity have in common? If you guessed they were all inspired by (or flat out ripped off) “The Most Dangerous Game”, you’d be correct. Slave Girls is different only in that it adds a sci-fi setting to the mix. It centers on a pair of, well, slave girls, who escape from captivity aboard a starship by stealing a smaller craft. They end up crash landing on a nearby habitable jungle planet. The two quickly come across the manor of a rich guy with a curious habit, that habit being hunting people in the surrounding jungles that are also home to aliens and mutants.

I’m going to start off by saying that Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity is not a good movie. Anyone familiar with my reviews shouldn’t be shocked by that (that’s what, five people?). It’s only by accident that I get to review something that’s good. The best I can hope for is a movie that despite its flaws, which there tends to be many, manages to be fun. Luckily, Slave Girls Beyond Infinity managed to pull this off.

Like many B-movies, it’s got a lot of the shortcomings that are all too common in low budget fare. The special effects are spotty at best, some of the sets look a little cheap, and the acting is not exactly what one might consider award-winning. Our main actresses, Elizabeth Kaitan and Cindy Beal, are the definition of the old adage of “couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag”. However, it wasn’t their acting talents they were hired for but apparently their willingness to go nude in front of the cameras. (You won’t hear me complain about that). Brinke Stevens has a small role and she at least provides a solid performance. Don Scribner as the main villain, Zed, isn’t the best performer you’ll come across. However, he manages to give a sense of sleaziness and menace hiding underneath a veneer of civility. He’s not the best or most original villain you’ll see, but a movie could do worse.

The film doesn’t have the most original story you’ll find. As mentioned before, this is a story that’s been done a dozen times before, so it won’t have twists and turns that you won’t see coming a mile off. The writing is also far from top-notch. Still, any movie can overcome those shortcomings if they can still be entertaining, which this flick certainly does.

What Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity offers is the right amount of exploitation, sleaze, and some goofy elements to make it enjoyable. Most of the female cast is found wearing skimpy clothing for most of their time on screen, or no clothing at all. There’s violence (though not as much gore as you’d expect), of course, and wonderfully cheesy looking aliens. Adding to the goofiness of it all are the main villain’s robotic servants who act like complete horndogs. They don’t have the necessary equipment nor does it make sense that they act like horny teenagers anxious to see naked women for the first time. There’s no explanation for why anyone would program them to act that way, but it adds just the right amount of silliness that it’s hard not to find some amusement at how dumb it is.

Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity is a ridiculous movie that I found hard not to like. It manages to be a good time, and its flaws and silliness somehow manages to be part of the charm instead of a detriment. It’s like the movie manages to be entertaining despite itself.

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