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Film Review: Inhumanity (2017)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: After being attacked by a serial killer a woman finds herself in a coma. She wakes up sometime later to find herself in the middle of a mysterious conspiracy involving her father’s alleged suicide, the serial killer, and the local police. REVIEW: I went into Inhumanity with some mighty low expectations as it didn’t quite seem …

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Film Review: Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Six people unwillingly find themselves locked in another series of escape rooms, slowly uncovering what they have in common to survive. Joining forces with two of the original survivors, they soon discover they’ve all played the game before. REVIEW: NOTE: There are two versions of “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions”. There is the theatrical version, and …

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Film Review: The House That Never Dies (Jing Cheng 81 hao) (2014)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Story based on the legendary mansion at No. 81 on Chaoyangmennei Street in Beijing, which local legend says is haunted by the ghost of a Kuomintang official’s wife, who committed suicide in the home around the time of the Cultural Revolution. The film follows Xu Ruoqing a woman whose presence in the notorious mansion draws up …

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Film Review: Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Reclusive vampires lounge in a lonely American town. They wear sun cream to protect themselves. A descendant of Van Helsing arrives with hilarious consequences. REVIEW: One that snuck under the radar into the final years of the 80’S, was a film titled “Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat“, a campy western rooted vampire release featuring a rather …

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Film Review: The Sadness

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: After a year of combating a pandemic with relatively benign symptoms, a frustrated nation finally lets its guard down. This is when the virus spontaneously mutates, giving rise to a mind-altering plague. The streets erupt into violence and depravity, as those infected are driven to enact the most cruel and ghastly things they can think of. …

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Film Review: Star Vehicle (2010)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: “Star Vehicle” follows the downward spiral of movie driver Donald Cardini, a self-professed movie buff with a penchant for explosive violence when provoked. Driving the stars of low-budget movies, along with their fragile egos, to and from locations in the middle of nowhere, pushes Don’s buttons in all of the wrong directions. When Luke, the young …

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Film Review: Meeting (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A young woman organizes a meet-up party at her mother’s house where things go awfully wrong and some of the guests disappear mysteriously. They keep on haunting her in unexpected circumstances. REVIEW: Abuse in a family relationship often is not even about the physical, yet can be as ugly, as life-altering of a scar left on …

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