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Film Review: Fear of Rain (2021)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A girl living with schizophrenia struggles with terrifying hallucinations as she begins to suspect her neighbor has kidnapped a child. The only person who believes her is Caleb -a boy she isn’t even sure exists. REVIEW: “Fear of Rain” begins with Rain, our main character, being chased by a hooded, faceless figure. After much running and …

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Film Review: Doors (2021)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Without warning, millions of mysterious alien “doors” suddenly appear around the globe. In a rush to determine the reason for their arrival, mankind must work together to understand the purpose of these cosmic anomalies. Bizarre incidences occurring around the sentient doors leads humanity to question their own existence and an altered reality as they attempt to …

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Film Review: Necropath (2018)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A mentally deranged maniac stalks victims to fulfill his drug addiction and sedate psychosis until he becomes the victim of an unexpected invasion of the undead. This is a prototype film, to be used to present for future larger production. REVIEW: Scag is just your average, everyday smack addict with a WWII air raid siren in …

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Film Review: The Toll (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A socially awkward driver and a weary passenger try to make it to their destination while being haunted by a supernatural threat. REVIEW: Spencer is a driver for an online lift service. Hanging out near the airport, he scans the available clients requesting a ride until he finds Cami. Cami has just survived a rough flight …

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Film Review: Castle Freak (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: An Albanian castle with bloodthirsty creatures is inherited by a young woman. REVIEW: Stuart Gordon directed “Castle Freak” for Full Moon, who released it back in 1995. Since that time, the movie has become, to some horror fans, a beloved classic of the genre. Not hard to understand why. You have Jeffery Combs giving a solid, …

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Film Review: Dead Air (2021)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A dead father’s recently discovered radio sends his adult son on a twisting journey that slowly unravels a dark, unimaginable secret. REVIEW: William has issues. Depression. Stress. Grief. He has two daughters, Mindy and Shanna. Other than memories and the sense of loss, the girls are all he has after his wife passed away a number …

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Film Review: The Pond (2021)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Anthropology professor was kicked out from his university for claiming to be on the threshold of an apocalyptic discovery. Someone or something is still interested in his work. REVIEW: WARNING: Possible spoilers in this review, so please be aware if you read this before watching “The Pond”. When you mention you watched a Serbian horror film …

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Film Review: The Curse of Hobbes House (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: When down on her luck Jane Dormant learns about the death of her Aunt Alexandra she expects a life-saving inheritance but finds herself battling bloodthirsty Zombies instead, fighting for her life. REVIEW: Hobbes House is a property cursed because of an ancient incident with corrupt siblings. The curse maintains that the family lineage are the caretakers …

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Film Review: The Call (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: In the fall of 1987, a group of small-town friends must survive the night in the home of a sinister couple after a tragic accident brings them to the couple’s door. REVIEW: It’s 1987. Chris is the potentially-cool/possibly-dweeb new kid in school, and he’s already being called to the principal’s office before he knows how to …

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Film Review: Killerhertz (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: When her boyfriend creates an app that can summon up dead spirits, Casey must deal with the devastating consequences that follow. REVIEW: You know you are in trouble when you realize that the movie you are watching could only be helped by an appearance by Neil Breen. “Killerhertz” starts with the credits running over a shot …

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Film Review: Spare Parts (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A group of girls get lost on a random dirt road. The tow truck driver tows them to his junkyard. Everything seems normal until they wake up with weapons for limbs, and thrown into the fight of their lives. REVIEW: Many years from now, in a remote mountain-clad bunker, dark web film enthusiasts maintain Roger Corman’s …

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