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Film Review: The Exorcism of God (2021)

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Peter Williams, an American priest working in Mexico, is considered a saint by many local parishioners. However, due to a botched exorcism, he carries a dark secret that’s eating him alive until he gets an opportunity to face his own demon one final time.


What type of world do we live in where God needs an exorcism? I think the planet could use an exorcism. People have not been so kind to one another recently but that seems to be the times.

The Exorcism of God was directed by Alejandro Hidalgo and written by Santiago Fernandez Calvete and Alejandro Hidalgo.

Exorcism films can be upsetting to some people. I’ve met many people that are bothered by them, bothered by the nature of the movies. Demons, possession, the unknown. It’s not something as simple or as in your face as a Jason Voorhees or Leatherface, you can see them, people know they’re monsters, they are “not real” but in a world where religion causes love, hate, wars, and much more. It’s always been a fascinating subject to me.

The Exorcism of God caught my attention. We have seen all sorts of exorcist-demon related movies.

The Exorcism of God opens with Dr. Nelson (Hector Kotsifakis) looking for Father Peter (Will Beinbrink). They need to perform an exorcism on a woman possessed. Father Peter calls Father Michael Lewis (Joseph Marcell). Father Lewis wants him to wait until gets there. Joseph Marcell is so talented, it was great to see him in a role like this. Magali (Iran Castillo) is possessed, full-on possessed.

Father Peter isn’t going to listen to Father Lewis, he’s going to try and do the exorcism himself. The make-up and special effects for the woman possessed are insane. It’s not too over the top. Father Peter begins the exorcism and it doesn’t go well at all.

Will Beinbrink (It Chapter Two, I Saw the Light, Shepard) does an amazing job portraying Father Peter Williams, he shows empathy and compassion. Father Peter is helping kids, farmers, a community of people. It’s nice to see a story and a light tone with such a dark background in a film. It’s different.

A woman comes to get Father Peter, she needs help, her son is sick. The people apparently think this man is a God or a Saint? Dr. Nelson (Hector Kotsifakis) works with Father Peter. They are trying to help as many people as possible. The children are dying, it’s horrific.

I had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance, I shouldn’t just say acquaintance, this person is a friend. The person started talking about what’s going on in the world right now and this person said how scared they are and how some people act and just do horrific things. This person said they were trying to figure out why people do some of the stuff they do.

Father Peter confessed and asked for forgiveness but he feels he doesn’t forgive himself. The imagery in The Exorcism of God is wild, there are maybe two jump-scares, you can prepare yourself though if you’re not a fan of jump-scares. Father Peter receives a phone call from Uribe from the prison. He needs help, not a doctor but a priest.

Dr. Nelson meets him there and he goes in to see Esperanza (Maria Gabriela de Faria), and she’s possessed and Johanna Winkel is the voice of Balban the demon. Oh WOW, that was a twist. Magali (Iran Castillo) is Esperanza’s mother.

Sleep paralysis is horrible, and Father Peter has a horrible sleep paralysis episode. The effects, the low growling, the intensity that builds up is good. Joseph Marcell portrays Father Michael Lewis; he is called in to help with Esperanza.

The Exorcism of God has a story, fascinating history. The locations are beautiful. They become characters in the film. The details and the special effects are pretty wild. They did a great job with this film.

Make sure to check out The Exorcism of God.

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