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Film Review: Halloween Pan Handle Massacre (short film) (2018)

SYNOPSIS: When a seemingly unstoppable mass murderer-recently escaped from a nearby Mental Institute-comes to a small, rural town along the remote Panhandle Trail, all hell comes with him. Aiding a cynical Detective’s (Adam Caplinger) investigation into the mysterious murders is an equally enigmatic Doctor (David Dietz) who wildly claims that the gruesome killings are, in fact, the handiwork of none …

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Film Review: Duffields (short film) (2018)

SYNOPSIS: A group of friends look for entertainment around Halloween. They bump into a promoter for a terrifying attraction – meeting a possessed goat. REVIEW: Duffields directed by Jason-Christopher Mayer, is a short that features a group of wandering friends seeking out amusement on Halloween night. The group of friends run into a promoter promising the most terrifying attraction around. …

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Film Review: Awake In My Sleep (short film) (2016)

SYNOPSIS: When a man downloads an app to record himself sleep talking at night, he discovers the voice recorded is someone else’s. REVIEW: Awake in My Sleep  an Australian Horror short filmed in 2016. The short features only three actors and spans around 29 minutes. Christopher Middleton plays our main character Liam Spencer. Liam is dealing with the untimely death …

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Film Review: The Eyes That See In the Dark (short film) (2018)

Rate This Movie REVIEW: The Eyes That See In the Dark this is your girl exorcism with a twist. Christina played by (Jessica Blaney) is our victim after trying to make contact from beyond the grave with her dead father she was possessed. Christina’s mother (Maria C. Blaney) seeks help through the Catholic church. Our cross wielding priests (Andrew Hunsicker) …

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