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Film Review: Halloween Party (short film) (2018)


October 31, 1995 – Local hero and fire fighter Ben Davister is hosting his annual Halloween Party when a woman covered in blood shows up on his doorstep. Will it be a trick or treat?


Halloween Party takes us back to October 31st 1995. Decorated firefighter Ben played by Sean Michael Gloria is hosting a Halloween party. The Dark humored Ben seems to go all out for his guests at his annual Halloween party. A local woman Judith shows up at his door mysteriously seeming injured and confused.

Ben the hospitable host takes her in, she shows up with a cut on her head carrying a suit case. The film leaps into Ben talking about the true meaning of Halloween the origins celebrated by the pagan tribes of the Celtics. All the while Judith sits in a daze listening for a long period. This all seems weird because before Ben went into a room to talk to people that are guests of the party he’s hosting then he neglects the party for a long period of time to tend to Judith. Its apparent from the beginning that both characters are hiding something.

The film is worth a watch I’m trying to be spoiler free but I think about anyone who watches this will figure out what’s going on from the first few minutes. Throw backs to the Texas chainsaw massacre smut on the walls can be seen along with the actual movie poster if you watch close enough. One scene that sticks out will put you in mind of one of my all time favorites 7even. The short film is fun to watch and the score is pretty good.

The acting overall seems forced and the dialogue is off. Ben doesn’t seem convincing as a firefighter. I have a past in the career so maybe that’s why I find it bothersome. The actor doesn’t seem to fit the personality for an alter ego. In one scene I cant get out of my head a dead woman blinks if you watch it close enough see if you can catch it. The movie overall is worth the run time Thomas Crane wrote and directed Halloween Party. I have mad love for the throw back Easter eggs and his influences. He has a great mind for what horror fans desire, would love to see more of his work.

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