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Film Review: Corporate Monster (short film) (2019)


A dangerously unstable man starts to see monsters all around us.


The short film serves as a reminder in the old horror troupe all things may not be as they appear. Corporate Monster features a man that has been let go from his job and is visits a Dr. that puts him on what seems like a unapproved by the fda drug that helps with depression. Soon after our main character starts seeing people in a different light. Much like John Carpenters They Live. Grotesque looking squid faced people start manifesting to our would be hero. The people in question appear to be politicians and people that are in authority positions or that are wealthy.

As our short film clambers along the mental health of our main character appears to be depleting. Pleading with his girl friend that a conspiracy is surrounding them and that the squid faced humanoids are trying to take over. She believes that he has serious mental health problems and pleads with him to get help. Upon her pleas he asks her to take one of the pills so she can see for herself the truth of what is going on in the world.

Eventually our squidfaced humanoids chase him. A cop with the tentacle face comes after him and to his luck he kills the cop and disarms it. The humanoid disappears soon after getting its tentacle face bashed in. Our main character then goes vigilante. He looks for his girl friend and goes to her place of work shot gun wielding and killing all the Monsters he sees in his way.

The movie is a play of politics and mental health. In the world that we live in today im unsure of which one is more scary. The cgi featured in the film is good. The writing is quick and the story doesn’t linger or grow stagnate. The pace is refreshing and the ending leaving the viewer wanting a little bit more closure than they got. Ruairi Robinson wrote and directed the feature. It displays good performances from Kett Turnton and Jenna Coleman. One thing that sticks out in my mind through the whole short film Mitch McConnell is shown to be one of the creatures in a scene that seems to feature C-Span, senator McConnell is much more terrifying in real life.

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