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Film Review: The Eyes That See In the Dark (short film) (2018)

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The Eyes That See In the Dark this is your girl exorcism with a twist. Christina played by (Jessica Blaney) is our victim after trying to make contact from beyond the grave with her dead father she was possessed. Christina’s mother (Maria C. Blaney) seeks help through the Catholic church. Our cross wielding priests (Andrew Hunsicker) and (Gabriel Blandis) show up to fight the demon and save the girls life.

First off it seems this exorcism stuff has been overdone. The Eyes That See In The Dark put a pretty decent twist. With the Priests combating the demon it becomes clear that the demon was a prisoner in hell. The battle rages on between good and evil when a horned creature appears in front of the Christina and demands the demon back to hell. The horned creature possible satan himself or his bounty hunter for lack of a better term saves the girl. With the demon vanishing in air the same we he appeared everything is set back to normal. Then its not the Demon returns. I would really be cheating anyone that reads this to tell you much more. Lets just say only the innocent are safe.

The Eyes That See In the Dark was a fun watch the creature makeup and detail wasn’t to bad. so overall this is worth a watch just for the twist that most people watching will see it coming from a mile away. Hope everyone enjoys and would to thank the creators and hope they continue to create more things for us to watch.

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