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Film Review: Tom (short film) (2017)


Tom is a short film running in its entirety in under 8 minutes. Justin William Houghton plays the lead Tom and shares writer and directing credit with Joshua Nicholas Goodman. I feel a need to add the flow of the film and the editing was done very well. In a world of technology voyeurism is an easy venture. This film shows creative ways that most wouldn’t consider spying on unwilling victims. In reality someone that works with realtors or real estate companies could easily set up surveillance equipment. An example would be the Collector or its follow up the Collection. Very creepy great horror films if you’ve never seen them I would immediately add them to the must watch list. 


The film is hypnotic and shows how easily technology allows us to immerse ourselves in others lives without them knowing. Our voyeuristic main character can easily sit back and figure out habits and routines of his victims.  This makes them vulnerable to an open variety of things.  Tom also hits on how vulnerable people are that have certain jobs. Such as realtors how the demands of the profession leaves them  open to the public. Realtors are constantly meeting strangers at empty isolated homes. I grew up in a rural area most would consider country it never occurred to me how much risk these people are taking on a daily basis. This is for sure worth a watch, not a lot of a story line but it gets to the point and doesn’t leave you unsatisfied. If films like Vacancy and Girl House are your cup of tea check out Tom It wont be a waste of your time. I can certainly say I hope to see more from this writer and director in the near future.


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    Thank you for posting this!!! Here’s a link to where you can watch it:


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