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Home | Film Review: Catmare on Elm Street (short film) (2019)

Film Review: Catmare on Elm Street (short film) (2019)


Mysterious disappearances have been happening on Elm Street every Halloween. Legend has it that a group of cats have haunted the neighborhood for years.


Catmare on Elm Street features the Catapocalypse you never knew you wanted to watch. Directed By Kaipo Jones this short features Purrwise the Clown cat, Micat Myers.

Well im getting ahead of myself. Catmere on elm street puts many of out favorite horror icons as cats. The results are juvenile fun and comical. Jason Purrhease, Freddy Cougar ok sorry ill stop.

The Film is a quick fun watch and asks what is your favorite horror icon. I would love to see pin head cat the star of clawraiser. I have to stop with the puns they just keep coming to mind. Check out the short on you tube and see what you think.

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