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Magazine Review: Horror Hound Magazine – Issue 16

HORROR HOUND (MAGAZINE) – PRINT ISSUE #16 (MARCH / APRIL 2009) Published by Jimmy Sheldon Publication Date: 2009 Format: Color – 62 Pages Price: $6.99 I love a well thought out magazine. Horror Hound continues in its highly entertaining style of combining retro fare with modern cinema for horror fans and enthusiasts. Never short on interesting material, they give you …

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Magazine Review: Necrotic Tissue Magazine – Issue 7

NECROTIC TISSUE #7 (MAGAZINE) Editor: R. Scott McCoy Published by Stygian Publication Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W Price: $5.95 “Why open a door when you are afraid of what stands beyond it? Yet how not to when the questions pound and some small part niggles and begs for attention.” – Catherine Gardner, “The Scratch of an Old Record” Awhile back …

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Magazine Review: Tales From the Crypt – Issue 8 – Author Stefan Petrucha

TALES FROM THE CRYPT #8: DIARY OF A STINKY DEAD KID (TALES FROM THE CRYPT GRAPHIC NOVELS) By Stefan Petrucha – (Author), Maia Kinney-Petrucha (Author), John L. Lansdale (Author), Rick Parker (Illustrator), Miran Kim (Illustrator), James Romberger (Illustrator), Marguerite Van Cook (Illustrator) Published by Papercutz Publication Date: 2009 Format: Color – 96 pages Retail $12.95 each Diary of a Stinky …

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Magazine Review: Spawn – Official Movie Magazine – Editor Anthony Timpone

SPAWN: THE OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE Editor: Anthony Timpone Published by Starlog Group Publication Date: 1997 Format: Color – 67 pages Price: $5.99 – out of print Sometimes when digging thru old books and magazine you come across a few gems. One for me (at least at the time) was the announcement of a “Spawn” movie and an official movie magazine …

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Magazine Review: Vampirella Magazine – Issue 1

VAMPIRELLA #1 Author: Nicoli Cuti, Forrest J. Ackerman, Don Glut Artists: Neal Adams, Ernie Colon, Reed Crandall, Billy Graham, Mike Royer, Tom Sutton, Tony Tallarico Cover: Frank Frazetta Editor: Bill Parente Publisher: James Warren Publication Date: 1969 Format: – 66 pages Price: $.50 I will admit straight out, I know very little to almost nothing about the books that started …

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