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Magazine Review: Horror Hound Magazine – Issue 20

( 2009)

Published by HorrorHound Ltd.
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 62 Pages
Price: $6.99

If you’ve been following my reviews on the Horror Hound releases, you know by now that every issue is an exciting time for me. Add to that they have reached there 20th issue anniversary of what is in my opinion one of the finest horror magazines around. While I usually don’t try and make comparisons I simply say this… if your looking for the latest film and interviews features, then you’ll find that in Fangoria (of which they really only cover). If you want nostalgia, research and compelling historical data, then Horror Hound is there for you all the way. (of which, in due respect they also do cover some new features articles). The only thing better than an issue would be a compilation book someday down the road.

So that brings us to the content. First award this issue goes to the inside illustration spread featuring the greatest horror icons of the last decade. Artwork by Nate Milliner and a cover spread poster demands attention and a place on horror fans walls. Very cool to say the least….. and quite an undertaking at that. To follow the art piece, they have gathered a “Greatest horror films of the past 10 years” article with an overview of each and why you should “really” go out and see all of these. (shame on horror fans who haven’t) The funny thing about these kind of lists is that there will always be arguments. So first off, nice selection, all of these deserve to be seen. Though I was surprised not to see the inclusion of “Martyrs” heralded as one of the greatest horror releases of our time. I’m sure it could of taken the place of “Slither” or “May”. Though that’s just me. There’s a few of these titles that horror fans don’t like, which is also a shame really. I was happiest though to see that “Jeepers Creeper’s” made it. In my opinion one of the greatest “monster” films ever created. “And I’m sticking to that to!”

“Zombie” gets a feature,and none like I’ve ever seen. Lots of historical data, collectables and variations mentioned. Fulci’s top work to be sure! I must confess I could use an evening just dedicated to seeing all the sequels which I’ve yet to see.

That picture though, perhaps one of the most recognizable zombie images ever created. And still to this day as creep y as ever. So let me jump thru a bit to a “must read” section of this article. “Sequel confusion”….gosh, if this hasn’t been the most messed title concoction collection that ever lived. Even reading thru the facts horror fans would be better off taking notes and a graph and what film is called what and what alternate names its been called. My suggestion? Just buy it in the box set and forget the numerical associations all together. Pretty slick stuff though Zombie fans will high five!

How about the “20 great moments of Gore”? Yes! An article which brings focus to the reality that all movies that are gory do not squarely fall into the horror category. I think this kind of approach is really sharp. Gee, I’m not so sure about Rambo, but “Passion of Christ”….hell yes (or maybe it should be “heaven” yes) “Thriller” made the list, and I have to say its a damn fine film that still eludes many. Add in a bit of p*rno that you might not be expecting be it has to sit clearly as the top revenge film. “Fist of the north Star” ….yep another GEM I’ve seen no less than 6 times. As gory as you can get in cartoon form. Love that film! “Ichi the Killer” yes, yes, a virtual abattoir of blood and guts at times, but then there is so much Asian horror that fits this bill as well. I wont comment on them all, but “Salo” is hands down “the” most disturbing film ever created….. watch it I dare ya!

“29 Essential Horror Reference Books” take a trip down memory lane with some classic collections that surface way before the days of internet and Amazon.com. I recognized a few that I was 2 young to own when they first arrived. Now many of these are out of print and remain reminders of days past when horror culture was a completely different beast. The good news is that a few have resurfaced with new editions and reprints. While you wont find much modern horror in these, the old stuff is still worth a dedicated look at to give you the roots necessary for understanding true horror culture

Horror Hallowed Grounds……… where does this guy get his info from? Seeing location points on classics is just plain “bad ass” I love this stuff. Speaking of classics, “Clockwork Orange” the film that set Malcolm McDonald forever in my top villains category. There’s something about this feature that just makes me want to run to the locations with camera in hand. A pretty thorough before and after photo comparison inclusion makes note of the most popular shots form the film.

Horror Hound Magazine – Issue 20

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