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Magazine Review: Tales From the Crypt – Issue 8 – Author Stefan Petrucha

By Stefan Petrucha – (Author), Maia Kinney-Petrucha (Author), John L. Lansdale (Author), Rick Parker (Illustrator), Miran Kim (Illustrator), James Romberger (Illustrator), Marguerite Van Cook (Illustrator)
Published by Papercutz
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 96 pages
Retail $12.95 each

Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid is the latest release by Papercutz, who have specialized in the Tales from the Crypt book re-issues. This one though adds the tag of “parody” to its cover. This one also comes in its usual slick pocketbook all-color format, nice glossy pages and vibrant color to boot.

I love a good horror comedy and this one is no exception. “Stinky Dead Kid” the first of the stories within is illustrated over simulated notebook paper in black and white with touches of color spots. The story follows the life of Glugg who becomes a zombie thru a freak accident and some careless witchcraft-chanting parents. Further chapters dig into this life as a zombie and the complications he endures. In a finale, he challenges an opposing team to a guitar hero competition.

One thing that caught my attention right away was the appearance of Miran Kim back into the comic illustration market. One of my hands down favorite illustrators, Miran’s style is always inspiring and unique. The story “Die-lite” is beautiful and features her trademark creepy collagy illustration style.

All I can say is I hope we see more of her work down the pipeline !The story “Die-lite” is a parody of Twilight as the new girl in town tries to shake the romancing vampire who she wants nothing to do with. A good time for all those who’ve had there fill of the Twilight wave.

“Carriers” is the weakest of the 3, as it deals with werewolves, curbing the changeover and finding a serum to cure the cruse.

This book was alot of fun of which I hope to see more of. The Twilight parody was my favorite and the funniest of the bunch. Perhaps they are on to something by taking top films and finding a “mad magazine” approach to reinterpretations. “Paranormal Activity” would of course be the perfect choice for the next parody. In any case, these are fine reads that are printed and presented in top form.

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