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Magazine Review: Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 99

Published by MARRS MEDIA INC.
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Color – 126 pages
Price: $9.95

Rue Morgue hits the streets posting the ever iconic Freddy vs Freddy cover ..beautifully painted referring to the Englund Freddy and the 2010 Haley Freddy. More than just a social metaphor, the issue actually has a call in with both actors answering questions in relation to the franchise and changes made. Very cool to say the least with an even cooler attitude from the 2 actors who have come to terms with both their places among the Freddy legacy.

You will enjoy the perspectives of the 2 actors who are coming from different eras of Freddy-isms. A interview with director Samuel Bayer is included which is a welcome sight to a man of previous great work leading up to this production.

Dreadlines, has become one of my more favorite portions of the mag, I think because it gives us news on tidbits we may not have found in the usual places. One article focuses on the forgery problem going on with antique horror movie posters. You may want to read on to see how much some of these have gone for …unbelievable! But what happens when forged versions are put out into the market? Can we tell the difference with the inclusion of modern technology so easily available?

2010 European film market news is another report dear to my heart. Of course as a news site we get the skinny on the obvious titles, though its these European ones that fly under the radar at times that I’m most curious about. Why? because they tend to be some of my more favorite cinematic experiences…..but hey that’s just me.

“Gross Anatomy” sticks us right in the gut with a worthy article on Tom Six’s new feature film. Sure we get the Human Centipede thing is pretty bizarre and grossly imaginative. However what is more fascination here is the details on the acting talent that had to endure such long humiliating hours of mouth to ass positioning. You actors out there may get a new perspective in the term dedication and perseverance. I’m calling this one a winner even this early out. As they point out…isn’t it the Asians that are supposed to hit us with this extreme of material first?

Dani Filth is in the news and with a new book of arcane madness. I’m intrigues just enough to go out and pick this one up. Rock star or not, I’m guessing he has some pretty twisted perspectives.

Alot of reviews finish off the mag, but nothing you haven’t read already about elsewhere including Horrornews.net. Really these days so many films are coming out its hard even for print mags to beat the wave of reviews before they go live which is pretty frequent.

Great issue RM, you got my Freddy itch waiting to be scratched that much more!

Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 99

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