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Magazine Review: Horror Hound Magazine – Issue 17

( 2009)

Published by HorrorHound Ltd.
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 62 Pages
Price: $6.99

As always it’s a pleasure when I receive a new issue of Horror Hound. Not because it is filled with all the latest news bits, but simply because most of it doesn’t. With that comment I have to point to the gaggle of interesting articles that go above the norm to bring some really intriguing and informational pieces. This is found in sections like the trip to the original locations of the “Phantasm” movie. Which by their frequency of including these articles makes for a great road trip adventure for old school horror lovers such as myself.

Not only do they include the pictures but also a best attempt at locations. And as it’s mentioned in the article, the writer travels 500 miles to get these. What dedication! I know there’s a few films on my list I’d like to see featured here. The only problem is I’m not sure at this point what “has” been covered already. A couple of my list include the “Shining” locations and the “Exorcist” spots. But for now I’ll have to check the back issues on that.

In any case, the movie Phantasm is the feature article, so with it we get a peak at alot of old posters they used for promotions. In fact I never knew the film had an alternate name “The Never Dead”- Good to know for that round of horror trivia that might pop up.

One thing that stands out from all the other mags is the absence of ads littering the magazine. I don’t know if that’s by choice or not, however it does give the magazine its own look without all the same horror DVD promotion ads you see across the newsstands.

Moving on we get the usual batch of nostalgic and current features.
Current stuff includes a great interview with the teams from “Drag me to Hell” A target on my list of to -watch lists. We get a excusive with Sam , Alison and Justin from the film. Great stuff!

Let’s skip forward a bit right to the Video Invasion section. This issue we get a look at the old school Magnum Entertainment titles. Now for those of you who lived the age of video rentals coming into age, you’ll find several here that look familiar and quite a few that fall into that “did I ever see that one, cause it sure looks like it” category. The stand out titles of course being the infamous “Bad Taste”, the legendary “Suspiria” and the eye poking “Zombie”. Others provide further proof that there are still alot of films that need to be DVDed (or should they?) The important thing here is that the Horror Hound’s put the work into collecting all these box art pieces so we can see them all lined up.Some of which I’m guessing are hard to find. Very cool to say the least. A reminder to take more trisp down memory lane and check out some old school classics.

Movie restoration!
Perhaps one of my more favorite inclusions in this issue, just of the simple fact I wasn’t sure what was involved intot he process. As it appears its pretty involved and not a case of just dubbing the old video tapes on to a computer. (of course you could but you would get the detail of quality additions that restoration process can )Then you read that they’ve worked on it for a year! Dark Night of the Scarecrow? – No your right, it was a cool flick that only really appeared on TV, so the restoration is a much needed transformation.

New toys!
OK, that creepy thing from Pan’s Labyrinth is pretty damn cool! Where do I get mine? Of course more Terminator madness with loads of Arnold. We got the Twilight couple. Not for me, but a nice gift for the nubile young females. The rest are cute but my eye quickly was drawn to the Big Daddy Roth statues. Nice!!!

Pinball Madness!
Yes, Though sadly we don’t see these as frequent as in the past. Though definite works of art that almost are just well enough to look at than to actually play.

More you say!
Gorehound takes us on a trip of blood soaked movies. Apparently Blood Island was a setting for a series of films back in the 1968-71 time frame. We get a nice overview of these oldies but goodies and a few poster art pieces to drool over.

Remembering the drive-in we get proof of how old some of us are who remember attending these. Myself, who grew up in Ohio had quite a bit to choose from in which you’ll notice Ohio listings being one of the bigger lists mentioned. Hey all I have to say with all you DVD, and digital age kids…is you don’t know what you’ve missed. The movies were only part of the thrill. crappy hot dogs, big sodas, dating, playing on the swings or laying on the hood of your car…now that’s an experience!

Well check out the rest of this months issue as there is plenty more to indulge in. Till next time…and go out and buy one today!

Horror Hound Magazine – Issue 17

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