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Film Review: The Red Nightmare (2021)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: In this anthology based on real nightmares, monstrous entities of various shapes and sizes prey upon the living with terrifying results. REVIEW: Director: Alexander Henderson Writers: Alexander Henderson, Michael Coulombe, Barrington Malcolm, Curtis McGann, Tony Savero Starring: Adam Cabrera, Rosa Fortuny, Dan Garland, Nicoletta Hanssen, D’Kia Anderson The Red Nightmare (2021) is an unusual anthology of …

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Film Review: Shook (2021)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A wannabe social media influencer is stalked by what seems to be a vindictive killer, but becomes shook when friends turn out to be dangerous enemies. REVIEW: Director: Jennifer Harrington Writer: Alesia Glidewell (story), Jennifer Harrington (story and script) Starring: Daisye Tutor, Emily Goss, Nicola Posener, Stephanie Simbari, Octavius J. Johnson, Grant Rosenmeyer Shook (2021) is …

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Film Review: Elizabeth Harvest (2018)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: When a beautiful young woman marries a wealthy old scientist, his one request is that she leave a certain room in their home unentered. When she breaks that promise, a terrible truth about her unknown past puts her life in danger. REVIEW: Writer/Director: Sebastian Gutierrez Starring: Abbey Lee, Ciarán Hinds, Carla Gugino, Matthew Beard, Dylan Baker …

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Film Review: Ten Minutes To Midnight (2020) – Review 2

Rate This MovieSYNOPSIS: A late-night radio DJ is bitten by a vampire bat on her way to work, causing issues for her coworkers who planned to fire her after her show. REVIEW: Director: Erik Bloomquist Writer: Erik Bloomquist & Carson Bloomquist Starring: Caroline Williams, Adam Weppler, Nicole Kang, William Youmans, & Nicholas Tucci Ten Minutes To Midnight (2020) is a …

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Film Review: Hunters (2016)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A pair of men force a captive to videotape their rape and torture rampage. REVIEW: Writer/Director: Adam Ahlbrandt Starring: J.D. Brown, Adam Ahlbrandt, Ellie Church, Linnea Quigley Hunters (2016) clearly aims to be the most distasteful film I’ll watch in 2021, but that’s not to say it’s successful in any way. An ultra-low budget attempt to …

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Film Review: Love and Monsters (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: After toxic rain has mutated much of Earth’s fauna into ravenous mutants, 90% of humanity is wiped out. Among this verdant world of danger, a young man ventures into the wild in search of his childhood sweetheart. REVIEW: Directors: Michael Matthews Writers: Brian Duffield, Matthew Robinson Starring: Dylan O’Brien, Michael Rooker, Ariana Greenblatt, Jessica Henwick, Dan …

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Film Review: Let’s Scare Julie (2019)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A group of young girls fall prey to an evil presence when a mean-spirited prank on a new neighbor goes awry. REVIEW: Writer/Director: Jud Cremata Starring: Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson, Isabel May, Odessa A’zion, Brooke Sorenson, Jessica Sarah Flaum, Dakota Baccelli, Blake Robbins Let’s Scare Julie (2019) is a handy-cam heavy movie about a teen girl who …

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Film Review: The Wicked One (2017)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Friends heading to a country house run a fowl of a masked serial killer with ties to the land. They have the killer outnumbered, but that doesn’t mean much when the killer won’t stay dead. REVIEW: Directors: Tory Jones Writers: Cheyenne Gordon, Tory Jones Starring: Katie Stewart, Dale Miller, Sonya Delormier, Cheyenne Gordon, Jack Norman The …

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Film Review: The Unfamiliar (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A British doctor comes back from military service convinced that her PTSD symptoms are supernatural in nature. REVIEW: Directors: Henk Pretorius Writers: Henk Pretorius, Jennifer Nicole Stang Starring: Jemima West, Christopher Dane, Harry McMillan-Hunt, Rebecca Hanssen, Rachel Lin The Unfamiliar (2020) is both a horror film that looks good and a massive disappointment. The story follows …

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Film Review: Black Water: Abyss (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A group of five friends get stuck in a flooding cave with a territorial crocodile. Their survival depends on their ability to outwit the creature and survive their troubled relationships. REVIEW: Directors: Andrew Traucki Writers: John Ridley, Sarah Smith Starring: Jessica McNamee, Luke Mitchell, Amali Golden, Benjamin Hoetjes, Anthony J. Sharpe Black Water: Abyss (2020) is …

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Film Review: You Should Have Left (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A rich man with a much younger wife and child finds himself stuck in a supernatural rental house in rural Wales, where his past comes to haunt him. REVIEW: Directors: David Koepp Writers: David Koepp (script) & Daniel Kehlmann (original novel) Starring: Kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried, Avery Tiiu Essex, Colin Blumenau Blumhouse and Universal’s 2020 flick …

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Film Review: Pet Sematary (2019)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A doctor and his family move to a rural Maine town, where a dangerous road and a burial ground said to raise the dead leads to monstrous violence. REVIEW: Director: Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer Writers: Matt Greenberg (screen story), Jeff Buhler (screenplay), Stephen King (original novel) Starring: Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, John Lithgow, Jeté Laurence, …

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