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Film Review: A Tale of an Onion Witch (short film) (2019)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Two flatmates, evidently from the gym-going North Indian breed of tinsel-town hopefuls, are warned about the 100 year old Witch that occasionally wanders around at night asking for an Onion. When an attractive neighbour knocks for help at midnight, their red-blooded fates unravel. REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have  A TALE OF AN ONION …

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Film Review: Hazard (short film) (2019)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Jane’s car breaks down in the outskirts of a small-town, and starts to experience supernatural activity connected to the ghost of a mass shooter. REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have HAZARD, written and directed by Gairo Cuevas. Just one character on screen, a woman called Jane (played by Joanna Kay) who is driving alone …

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Film Review: Blue Monkey (1987)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: While working in a greenhouse, a man receives an insect bite after touching an exotic plant. Immediately, he falls ill and is taken to an emergency room where the doctors diagnose him as suffering from an unknown bacteria, and a strange parasite which emerges from his mouth as a large slimy wormlike creature. Soon, there are …

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Film Review: Momo (short film) (2019)

Rate This Movie REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have MOMO, written and directed by Andrew Almeida. Actually, Mr. Almeida also produced it, edited it, and wrote the music for it. This appears to be a family project. The film stars Mr. Almeida as “Dad”, Kyleigha Almeida as “Leigha”, Caiden Almeida as “Caleb” and Oliver Lucy as Caleb’s friend …

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Film Review: Together (short film) (2019)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A biohazard remediation cleaner finds the integrity of her business threatened after hiring a technician with an insatiable appetite for his work. REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have TOGETHER, written and directed by Ryan Oksenberg. Julia (Arielle Hader, “Grey’s Anatomy”) runs a clean up company, one of those ones that comes in after crime …

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Film Review: Verso (short film) (2019)

Rate This Movie REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have VERSO, a short film that I can’t find a whole lot about but was directed by Ryan Russell Steele and Joseph Victor. This four minute film is being distributed by Megalomedia Entertainment. From what little I can find about the film, it does appear to have some film festival …

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Film Review: Psycho Path (short film) (2019)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Laurel Rhodes is a backpacking vlogger who specializes in hidden trails and hard-to-reach hikes. After taking a wrong turn on her latest expedition, she stumbles upon an eerie, deserted cabin with strange markings on the wall. Trapped in the dark and rain, Laurel reluctantly decides to spend the night, unaware that a madman is coming with …

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Film Review: Murder Ballad (short film) (2018)

Rate This MovieSYNOPSIS: As an abused wife tends to the post-robbery wounds of her criminal ex-husband, they are visited by a mysterious – and malevolent – preacher. REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have MURDER BALLAD, written and directed by Sergio Guerra. This appears to be Mr. Guerra’s directing debut, although some may recognize his name from his long-time …

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Film Review: The Fifth of November (short film) (2018)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A psychological thriller following Jane, a survivor of a mass shooting. As she prepares to celebrate another birthday, the trauma shows itself – a reflection of America’s insatiable gun culture. REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER, written by Qurrat Ann Kadwani & Javier Augusto Nunez, and directed by Javier Augusto …

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