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Top 10 Scariest Movies – or One’s You May have Missed

With all the lists floating around, especially in the “scariest movies of all time” lists, I thought we were due for a “recent” scariest films list. If not for purely the sole purpose of driving a fewer new rentals where they might rightly be deserved to just siphoning thru all the mishmash to point out a few scary favorites.

As sort of a ongoing “tuck in the back of your mind” exercise, I try and jot down ones that have made an impact. While I realize that it’s “always” a bit subjective, I can also say I’ve seen enough horror films to red flag the ones that leave something a bit more chilling behind after the experience. These ten picks are merely suggestions for readers who really don’t have the time (like we do) to watch, archive and note a bazillion releases per year. So in all due respect, here are a few recent scary films to shoot you way. Seek them out…….

(not in ranking order)

01- Evil Dead (2013)
I think my review on the new Evil Dead (2013) probably said all their was to say about the movie. While viewers were both contemplating this film and preparing to defend the original, 2013’s “Evil Dead” had impact. Some rejoiced in it’s horrifying details while others shrugged it off and called it shallow. “Evil Dead” is indeed a frightening film that uses its “Evil Dead” trademarks to up the game. Surely this one will do record DVD sales when it arrives. A good one to own and a winner in my book!


02- The Pact (2012)
A film that arrived as “another” screener, and floored me in its execution. “The Pact” which is a title that has been used maybe too many times doesn’t refer to Satan or a ritual outing. It’s a film, that uses ghosts and serial killers to a scary level. I don’t want to give too much away, so instead I’ll call it out as a real creeper that should jar a few bones. Exciting stuff, that snuck up on me and left a mark!


03- The Conjuring (2013)
Wow! is all I should say in regards to this intense freak-on fright fest. You can anty up the disturbing factor by also noting that it is based on a true story. However, true or not, “The Conjuring” really does hit you in the face with a brick as it re-defines the haunted house genre movies.  As we wear ourselves down on all the last few years found footage films, it was great to see some old school tactics revisited per way of one really disturbing doll and a haunted house that would make any grown adult shit their pants. Horror has been on the uprise, but its only a small handfull that really leave an impact.

4- Dark Skies (2013)
I know………… aliens, abductions….it’s a bit tired right? Well that may be true, however once in awhile a creeper comes along that does its fair duty in claiming the inherent fear of aliens we all tend to share. Remember…”Signs” and “Fire in the Sky”? Ok, then make room for another recent title that also adds a nice addition to the “fear of aliens” collection. “Dark Skies” was well done using a careful blend of timing and reveal that deemed rather effective.

05- Shadow People (2012)
“Shadow People” is an eerie experience of a film, however what reaffirms this aspect is that it is based on a “claimed true” phenomena. The movie really does a great job at bringing this metaphysical style phenomena to the table with some worthy visuals to back it up. If the concept of “Shadow People” is new, then use this as a worthy introduction. I would wait to read my review on this “after” the viewing as to keep some of the spoilers from ruining the experience.

06- The Woman in Black (2012)
Quite a surprise seeing that it was a Hammer creation and featured actor Daniel Radcliffe in a break out role opposite of Harry Potter. Hammer is of course respected, but not exactly known for chilling (get under your skin) creations. This one took on the aspect of rougue spirits and really hit its mark. Radcliffe was a pefect choice here in style, accent and presentation. I’m looking forward to the sequel to this one.


07- Sinister (2012)
A film that pretty much had folks hooked in just trailer alone. It had been building up as a scary “one to see” (which it seemed to hit its mark quite nicely). What works in the case of Sinister is that there tends to be this eerie disturbing aura about it that gets under your skin. It’s a dark film plain and simple, and I’m guessing has long made its way to buyer’s shelves. Try this one with the lights off in a room by yourself…you’ll get the gist.


08- Grave Encounters (2011) | Grave Encounters 2 (2012)
A true found footage film that did everything correctly. I’m surprised that this movie isn’t mentioned more AND available in bluray form. Grave Encounters was so well received, that it had a sequel follow-up shortly after. I listed both films, as I believe both should be viewed, however do yourself a favor and at least check out the first. A great creepy mental dance thru a spook filled location.



09- The InnKeepers (2011)
One of the more minimalist choices, some folks didn’t really get the gist of this one. There is no denying that tension runs rampant thru this one. It’s a particular scary favorite in that its not all in your face, but rather suggested and felt. I recommend horror viewers give this one a try for something that works on a different level. Creepy? Heck ya…and a pretty good film to boot. I long thought this was a new great contender for scary films to experience.


10- The Casebook of Eddie Brewer (2012)
This film took me literally by surprise. British originated and toting a rather ordinary title that would suggest more of an investigation style filmed, this one gave me the F&*king creeps.  To be more precise, I expected something more like those television shows that we are innundated with 15 times a day than aliteral horror show. I strongly urge you to seek this one out

I’m going to make things easier on you, since I’m not sure the film is exactly for purchase yet. It should be, and for the pure factor that its effective enough to make a a scariest movies list. My advice is to inquire so that this makes it that much sooner on the retail list.http://www.thecasebookofeddiebrewer.com/home.html


Got a few choices that should be mentioned on this list or below? We want to hear from you! While we do watch alot of films, there are always a few that slipped by that should be mentioned. Feel free to comment your scariest picks from the last couple years!

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