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Slasher Films That Went Too Far

Hello, my little darlings, I have returned in full force and today I give you slasher films that went too far. Before we begin I must say it’s a difficult task that has been given to me, but I’ve never shirked away from challenges bellowed from the shadows. It’s difficult for me to classify horror films with the title of having gone “too far,” as the horror genre often tests the boundaries of what is acceptable and that is rather natural. Without any further delay let’s begin, shall we?

10- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
The tenth spot on this list is the iconic gore fest that is Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For so many this classic film pushed the envelope and has become a right of passage for many looking to dip into the darkness. Hooper’s classic film featured the use of some real blood in it due to a lack of funding and ability to produce special effects. Critics toasted Hooper for this move. This film’s cast suffered numerous injuries in the film from doing their own stunts and there were plenty of close calls, one in which, Leatherface’s chainsaw nearly grazed William Vail’s face and another cast member was nearly hit with a hammer. This film is a standard banner for what horror films should seek to accomplish, but it certainly rocked the boat for the risks they took.

09-  The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
At the ninth spot we have the controversial exploitation slasher classic, The Hills Have Eyes. The film is based on the controversial Sawney Bean story, one filled with incestuous relationships and an inbred clan of cannibals dedicated to waylaying travelers and eating them alive. This film pushed the envelope with its exploration of sexual taboos, the mutilation of the human body and of course cannibalism. Many critics slammed the film for the graphic scenes of violence and cannibalism. The film raised the bar for future films in their portrayal of violence and gore on screen.

08- The Strangers (2008)
The eighth spot on our list is occupied by the 2008 suspense-driven slasher The Strangers. This film was inspired by the Keddie Cabin Murders that occurred in California in 1981. The film is inspired by actual grisly events involving the mysterious murders and break-ins in a rural area in 1981 and that should be enough for it to make this list, but we won’t stop there. This film shows people trapped in a game of cat-and-mouse and ends with a brutal scene that hints at the torture and death of our doomed couple. The film even exposes two young boys to the grisly murder scene and leaves us with a gore smattered Liv Tyler, reaching out toward the screen after her torture.

07- American Psycho (2000)
At the lucky number seven spot on our list, is American Psycho from 2000 and inspired by the Bret Easton Ellis novel of the same name from 1991. This film has it all in terms of controversial subject matter. With this film we get scenes of torture, sadistic murders, brutal rape scenes, drug use, horrific mutilations, cannibalism and even necrophilia. This film tracks the brutal descent of its main character into insanity. A serial killer, who descends even further into cruelty and madness as the film goes forward. It depicts an evolution in sadism and while it pushed the envelope in all these areas the most shocking thing about the film is the favorable reception it received from critics.

06- The Last House on the Left (1972)
The sixth spot on our list is held by the classic The Last House on the Left, a film that in 1972 sent shockwaves through the media and among horror fans. A film that depicts the brutal rape of two teenage girls, torture and genital mutilation. Wes Craven has always been willing to go the extra mile when it comes to selling fear, but this film really takes the cake for its brutality. And we certainly can’t forget the vicious confrontation between vengeful parents and those who wronged their child.

05- Sleepaway Camp (1983)
At the number five spot, the 1983 cult classic Sleepaway Camp. This film is best known for its incredible and infamous ending. This film features the graphic nudity of teenagers, scenes of teenagers being brutally hacked to pieces with a hatchet and the vicious evisceration of a young woman in the shower. This blood-soaked film paints a vivid picture for the audiences of how dangerous camping can get.

04- Maniac (1980)
The fourth spot on this list is firmly occupied by the 1980 classic Maniac. This film features incredibly graphic violence. It depicts the scalping of a woman, women being turned into mannequins, and finally graphic mutilation. This film is a blood-soaked thrill ride, but it doesn’t skimp on the violence and graphic sexual content. This film blurs the lines on what limits directors will go to when seeking to terrify their audiences.

03- The Prowler (1981)
The Prowler
, from 1981 locks up the third spot on in our list for its savage takedowns. This film features some of the most graphic kills in film history. We see victims impaled through the skull with bayonets, ravaged with pitchforks, and even some exploding skulls. This film raised the bar on violent depictions and for the 80s’ it was an incredibly controversial film. It’s a rattling experience for those just dipping into the world of horror.

02- Violent Shit (1989)
In 1989 German filmmaker Andreas Schnaas, produced a film that sewed up the second spot on this list with its depictions of some of the most brutal scenes in film history. This film slaps audiences in the face with shocking material ranging from forced fecal eating, dismemberment, disemboweling, and castrations. This is one of those films that not only pushed the envelope, but had audiences honestly ask themselves why in the hell this film was ever made?

01- Pieces (1982)
Finally, we’ve reached the final spot on this list and we have saved one of the most controversial homage films of all time in it. The 1982 cult classic, Pieces, is a bloody, violent, and unpredictable roller-coaster that portrays some of the most graphic scenes in film history. Brutal dismemberments from chainsaw slashes, graphic nudity, and the manic attempts of a madman to assemble a human jigsaw puzzle with human corpses as the pieces.

I hope you enjoyed the list? Did we miss any? Let us know. Until next time my darlings, stay scared. See you in your nightmares…


  1. Rotten Cock John

    First of all, TEXAS CHAIN SAW is not a “gore fest” as the reviewer describes. In fact, there’s very little bloodshed shown in the actual film. That’s pretty much common knowledge.

    Second– how on Earth is THE STRANGERS on this list? Seems like the author didn’t have a reputable choice for another film and just stuck it in there. It’s not even as disturbing as ILS, the film it’s a remake of…

    • Sure, I agree…. if your a fan of the extreme genre, there are many that go too far.
      Though in do respect, this list is more consumer based, than the arena of hardcore horror films out there.
      Many of “those” films are not as easily accessible to alot of the horror community. And so this list would work better with Netflix crowds


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