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My name is Daileas Duclo, I have an MA in history from the University of Akron and a Bachelors in Arts and Sciences from Texas Tech University. I have published numerous articles involving historical events, mythology and legends with the Times Bulletin. I have also published four collections of poetry the first being entitled “My Ghoulish Love Affair” the second entitled “The Search”, the third I penned as “Find Yourself a New Prophet” and my latest collection I entitled “In the Land of Scorpions”, all of which, are available on Amazon. I have long been interested in the realm of horror, my first forays into the genre came in the form of literature at a very young age when I was exposed to the works of such writers as Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, R.L. Stine, H.G. Wells, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, and their eventual successors Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, and Clive Barker. I stepped further into the realm of the macabre when I began re-watching a series of films that terrified me as a young boy, but fascinated me in my teenage years, New Line Cinema’s own Nightmare on Elm Street. I currently serve as station manager for Totally Driven Entertainment Radio, where I host my own show The Bareback Facts, which deals with religion, politics, history, biographies, mythology, and legends. I also cohost a weekly sports show with the station Straight Football Talk. While I am a man with many interests, horror has and always will hold a large piece of my heart. I look forward to adding a few more nightmares to the memory reels of all you lovely readers and I do hope you’ll join me for a scream or two.

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