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Top Horror Movie Sex Scenes

Perhaps everyone’s secret favourite horror movie cliche, sex scenes have dominated decadent B-movie horror sleaze from the ‘80s onwards. Of course, if you’re in a horror movie and take part in such scenes, you’re almost guaranteed to be killed during these scenes, which is what makes horror sex scenes so much better than any old romantic comedy scene. Who doesn’t like watching a crazed serial killer butchering young adults after some time alone? If you’ve ever watched Friday The 13th, this will be nothing new to you. Here are some of the horror community’s favourite horror movie sex scenes…

Friday The 13th Part 2

It’s impossible to dismiss an entry from the series that defined the slasher genre for generations to come. Friday The 13th Part 2 holds all of the cliches that you would expect from a low budget ($1.25 million) horror film; a crazed iconic killer, vulnerable teens and a stormy night. In this particular scene, two teenagers are in the warmth of a motel room indulging in every teenager’s fantasy, which is soon interrupted by Jason Voorhees himself. Of course, with the two loving teens being teens, they cannot escape the moment in what is one of the most iconic horror movie sex scenes.

Nekromantik 2 

For those who hold familiarity with this series, or for those eagled eyed amongst you who understand the Greek from the movie title, you may be confused as to why a film about necrophiliacs has crept its way into this list, however for the most part of this sex scene, the recipient is alive. In one of the most over-the-top climaxes (pun intended) in horror history, necrophiliac Monika rides happily on top of unsuspecting victim Mark and beheads the poor man, drenching her breasts, the walls and the bed with his blood, before replacing Mark’s head with her deceased boyfriend’s head. Nekromantik 2 holds the crown for one of the most bizarre sex scenes in recent horror cinema.


Fans of the darker side of Eli Roth’s movie past will be very familiar with this extreme horror exploit, which defined the torture porn genre forever. The entire premise of the first installment of the Hostel trilogy is two Americans and an Icelandic man travelling to Eastern Europe as part of their quest to have as much sex as possible. Of course, their quest goes awry, but not before they indulge themselves in the local ladies, as it were! It doesn’t take the trio very long to find local ladies who are down for sex and so they lead them to their room, where one of the greatest horror movie sex scenes takes place. In moments of pure euphoria, indulgence and ecstasy, the three enjoy the joys of sex without a care in the world. If only they knew what was to come next…

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge 

Here’s another very odd addition to the list, with a sex scene just as strange as that of Nekromantik 2. A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 follows the story of a teenage boy, Jesse, who has been taken over by the old serial child-killer Freddy Krueger, as he tries to rid himself of the demon. As the film progresses, Jesse falls for fellow classmate Lisa and when invited to her late-night garden party, the pair find a moment alone in the summer house, where the inevitable happens. Jesse begins to caress Lisa, when he realises that a giant tongue has leapt from his mouth, an obvious trick by Freddy. Chaos ensues as Jesse desperately tries to control the uncontrollable demon. If you wish for strange sex scenes in horror movies, look no further.

Freddy Vs Jason 

The final entry in this list to come from a slasher film, Freddy Vs Jason hosts what is one of the hottest sex scenes in any horror film you ever have seen or will see. In the typical stormy night setting, two young adults excuse themselves from their friends to have some time alone for a *ride*. In their nude euphoria, the couple fail to realise that doom is impending, as they fall for each other’s warmth and passion. Once again, Jason Voorhees steps in and destroys another young adult sex scene, as he collapses the foldable bed in on the male indulging in sex, crushing his spine, with a following few stabs from a machete just for good measure. 


Lars von Trier sure knows how to blend eroticism and darkness together, as is shown in one of his defining works. In this unsimulated sex scene, Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg embrace each other with sheer passion whilst in a shower, truly showing the romantic and artistic side of sex. Unfortunately, this leads into one of the more tragic deaths in cinema history, as their infant child, as they fail to have noticed in their state, has climbed from a window and fallen to his death in the snow, several storeys below. The post-sex scene aside, von Trier has provided us with yet another erotic and beautiful display of the human body pressed up against another. What sets this scene apart from others of its ilk is that Dafoe and Gainsbourg are actually having intercourse in this scene, which truly shows the human condition at its most primal height.  


It’s not hard to recall any horror-comedy hybrid title, but it’s difficult to recall one that genuinely has made you laugh. If you have watched Teeth, it is almost certainly in your mind as one of the funniest horror films of all time and not for the right reasons. Teeth tells the story of a young woman, Dawn, whose vagina has vicious teeth that have feelings of their own. As you would expect, sex has never gone to plan for Dawn and in one scene, which is almost certainly the funniest horror sex scene, Dawn and her new sexual partner Ryan, indulge in coitus which leads to Ryan’s penis being bitten off by Dawn’s angry vagina, as surreal as that sounds. Is Teeth one of the best examples of horror comedy? Probably not. Is Teeth host of the funniest horror sex scenes? Most definitely! 

An American Werewolf In London 

Even those who are strangers to horror cinema will have seen this classic gem at some point, which has captured the hearts of many generations. An American Werewolf In London, as the title oh-so-subtly implies, is the tale of an American man who is secretly a werewolf, who is taking refuge in London. It is rare that sex scenes hold such elegance as the famous scene from An American Werewolf In London, which features the gorgeous Jenny Agutter. In a classic nurse and patient scenario, the nurse and (unbeknownst to the young nurse) werewolf make love in a steamy shower, which features plenty of caressing, kissing and other acts. A truly memorable scene for horror veterans and cinemagoers alike.

As you will have realised with experience, in some cases, sex scenes can make or break horror films and can either ruin an otherwise great film or improve a film greatly, as has been observed in films like Hostel and An American Werewolf In London. In between the spattering of guts, the smearing of blood and the dicing of heads, it is a nice break for many a cinemagoer for a warm and enjoyable sex scene to accompany the murders or scares contained within a film. What can be certain is that directors are perfecting the art of horror movie sex and we can expect a bright future for scenes of its type. What’s your favourite horror movie sex scene?

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  1. No love for the very famous sex scene between Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland in Don’t Look Now? Rumor was that it was real.


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