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Disgusting Horror Films Recommended for Consumption

Ever since their release, horror films have been keeping us from sleep and making us wonder what goes bump in the night. But horror films have also been known to disgust us, showing classic scenes of teenagers getting random appendages sliced off, disembowelment or even torture scenes. The modern film audiences expect horror films to have gore in them, its just a given, without the gore the films are only considered to be PG-13 thrillers. Below are five films that I have rated Disgusting Horror Films Recommended for Consumption!

Saw I-VI
The Saw movies are a horror film franchise that began the new era of gore in horror films. The intense level of gore in Saw had rarely been seen before and no gore film before it had been as successful as the Saw franchise was. When Saw I first came out it was a financial success despite the awful reviews. Each succeeding film then kept the trend of awful reviews but box office hits.

The Saw movies all revolve around a man who goes by the nickname of Jigsaw. Jigsaw kidnaps people who have done wrong in their life and places them into “tests” and “games”. He places them in these torturous positions in hopes that they will make the right decision and grasp a new outlook on life. But these games only have two outcomes live or die. But these games are not your normal Candyland or Monopoly. They are games of torture and gore. Some games revolve around walking on broken glass while covering in a flammable liquid using only a candle as light to find a combination to a safe to access the key to escape. Or crawling through a cage of razor blades before a timer locks the only exit.

Every Saw film from the first to the last has their fair share of blood, gore and disembowelment. Every film seems to up the ante from the last in terms of how far the limits of gore can be tested. If you want to get your new age gore on, then the Saw franchise will not disappoint.

Hostel/Hostel part II
Hostel debuted two years after Saw riding on its gore-covered coattails. Upon Hostel’s release the term “torture p*rn” started floating around in the reviews of the film. This term was very accurate for the film considering its fair share of graphic sex scenes. The film even received the “Hall of Fame Nudity” award on the famous Mr. Skin website. But this film isn’t all about sex and nudity. The film also has more graphic and torturous scenes than I have ever seen contained in one movie. H

owever, the release of Hostel: Part II did down play the nudity, receiving only a “Great Nudity Award” on Mr. Skin. But don’t let this steer you away from the sequel, Hostel: Part II still has more gore than ever before.

Hostel follows three friends through their backpacking journey through Europe. The friends are then told about a Hostel in Slovakia that has beautiful women who love tourists. However once the friends arrive at the Hostel they find out their horrible fate. Hostel: Part II has pretty much the same story line, except the three main characters are girls.

The gore and disgust count is through the roof in both of these films. Scenes range from chainsaws slicing hands in half to a woman getting her eyeball cut off and it oozing a nice yellow puss. If you plan to watch the Hostel films you better hand a barf bag near by, or a really strong stomach.

Teeth (2007)
Saw pushed the limits with torture on film, Teeth pushed the limits on WTF? on film. To really understand why this movie is on my list of the most disgusting movies of all time, you must first know the plot. A young girl discovers she has teeth in her vigina. The girl (and her vigina) then bites off the penises of unsuspecting boys that do the girl wrong. This film does have a lot of black comedy in it, but its main premise still tops the list on disgusting. I have never been so scared while watching a film, but not scared in a sense of “Are you afraid of the dark” but in the terms of “Oh my GOD that boy just got his penis bit off!”

This film is a lot like My Dog Skip or Marley and Me, if you have a dog and see these films, after the movie is over you will love your dog like you have never loved it before. Same goes with Teeth, if you have a penis and see this movie, when it ends you will love your penis like you have never loved it before. Girls will love this movie, seeing a woman who has the ultimate power of taking the one thing men love the most. But men, if you see this movie you will be disgusted the entire time.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
Moving away from the modern era of gore and all things disgusting, we move to a style of gore and disgust I like to call “real life gore”. This term will apply to the next film as well, but for right now we will stick to Cannibal Holocaust. The reason why I chose the term “real life gore” is because that’s what Cannibal Holocaust is made to look like, real life.

Cannibal Holocaust is about an Anthropologist, Harold Monroe, who travels deep into the Amazon in search of a film crew that went missing two months prior. Once he finds out that the crew has died he recovers the film reels that the crew had filmmed and begins watching them, slowly discovering each persons graphic, horrible death.

This film was first released in Italy in 1980 and was banned only ten days after its release. The Director, Ruggero Deodato, was then arrested under the accusations that some cast members were actually killed on camera. The charges were later dropped, but the film remains banned in England, Italy, Australia and several other countries. The film shows very graphic images of people getting killed, including a few scenes of gang rape and corpse eating. The film also shows six animals actually being killed, however, these scenes have been edited out of the US DVD release of the film.

Cannibal Holocaust gets my vote for the most disgusting horror film of all time and there were actually a few scenes that I had to turn away from the screen they were so graphic and intense. You need a strong stomach to watch this film, and if you can get the full-uncut version of the film, I wish you the best of luck making it through what could be the fist snuff film of all time.

Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma -Translated- Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)
There is something about Italians and pushing the limits of “real life film” because this movie is as real as it gets. The film is about four wealthy men who kidnap eighteen teenagers, nine boys and nine girls. The men make the teenagers do unspeakable acts and perform gruesome, torturous things to them. These acts range from scalping to a feast of human feces. Unlike Hannibal Holocaust, the director of this film was never arrested; he died before the theatrical release of the film.

Salò was banned in several countries, but most of the bans have been lifted when film scholars reviewed the film as a portrayal of political corruptness and the abuse of power. This film is not a horror film at all, some even call it an art film, but in my eyes it is the most disturbing and disgusting film of all time, a true gem for all things disgusting.

The above films were films that I thought were the top five most disgusting films of all time, but that is just my opinion. I know all of you have your own opinions on what you think disgusting is. So if you agree or even disagree with my list, leave your comments below!


  1. a friend of mine told me about this horror movie which is supposed to be a gore fest. reGOREgitated sacrifice which is directed by Lucifer Valentine 666. i haven’t seen it. but its supposed to be disgusting.

  2. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    Seen everything listed here… I was hoping to read about something new.

  3. I love them all


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