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Book Review: Vampires Today – The Truth about modern Vampires – Author Joseph Laycock


VAMPIRES TODAY: THE TRUTH ABOUT MODERN VAMPIRISM Written by Joseph Laycock Published by Praeger Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W – 200Pages Price: $31.96 When one thinks of “vampires,” the mythological blood-craving undead being comes to mind. Bram Stoker’s story of Dracula, as well as Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire are two of the main stories that have helped to shape the fictional character of the vampire through the years. Furthermore, Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of … Continue reading

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Filmmaker Creepersin Shows Horror Roots with Re-release of Punk Album

For the last few years, many horror fans have come to know the name Creep Creepersin through his films. What may surprise these fans is that in the underground horror punk community, Creepersin has been sharing scares since 2004. The band Creepersin played their first show on Halloween in 2004. Their debut album, The Rise of Creepersin, was released shortly thereafter. The album was hailed as a horror rock masterpiece by many reviewers. The album … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters – Author Jane Austen, Ben H. Winters


SENSE AND SENSIBILITY AND SEA MONSTERS Author Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters Published by Quirk Classics Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White – 344 pages Price: $12.95 Remember the Jane Austen monster mash-up phenomenon known as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Well, the monsters have returned to wreak havoc in yet another Jane Austen mash-up. No, it’s not a sequel…or a prequel…to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; they’re coming soon. This monster mash-up takes … Continue reading

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Book Review: The New Annotated Dracula – Author Bram Stoker


THE NEW ANNOTATED DRACULA Author Bram Stoker Edited with a Foreword and Notes by Leslie S. Klinger Introduction by Neil Gaiman Published by W. W. Norton & Company Publication Date: 2008 Format: Color – 672 pages Price: $12.95 Readers of Dracula have been entranced by the story of Jonathan Harker’s visit to Count Dracula’s castle, and the events that followed, for over a century. The novel takes you from Harker’s extraordinary escape to the search … Continue reading

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Book Review: Twilight – Author Stephenie Meyer


TWILIGHT Author Stephenie Meyer Published by Little, Brown Young Readers Publication Date: 2005 Format: Paperback and hardcover (544 pgs) Price: Ranges from $10.99 to $19.99, depending on format The Twilight Saga, by Stephanie Meyer, is a vampire-romance series of novels about the unconventional love between the mortal Bella Swan and the vampire Edward Cullen and the problems they get into while they are together. Twilight is the first installment in the series, with the others … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Trouble with Being God – Author William F. Aicher


THE TROUBLE WITH BEING GOD: A PHILOSOPHICAL THRILLER (PAPERBACK) Written by William F. Aicher Published by Publication Date: 2008 Format: B/W – 258 pages Price: $15.25 Before I started reading The Trouble with Being God, I did a little research on the book and its author. The information really got me pumped to read the book, as the author seemed to be after my own heart. The author, William Aicher, works as a Director … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Author Steve Hockensmith


PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES: DAWN OF THE DREADFULS Written by Steve Hockensmith Published by Quirk Classics Publication Date: 2010 Format: B&W – 288 Pages Price: $12.95 The zombies have returned to wreak havoc on the Bennet Family! Or, let me rephrase: the zombies have returned for Mr. Bennet, leaving the father more than eager to ready his daughters for their first bloody battle with the undead. Those who read the original monster mash-up Pride … Continue reading

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2010 NYC Comic Con

Screenshot from Undead Nightmare

New York City’s residents aren’t exactly known for being conservative in their fashion sense. However, even in the city that never sleeps, it was easy to tell as I walked the streets of Manhattan that I was getting closer to the site of the 2010 New York Comic Convention.  As I approached, I spotted fans dressed as comic book icons with intensifying frequency. Avatar, The Incredible Hulk, The Predator — they were all present on … Continue reading

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Book Review: Witch Craft – Compiled by Margaret McGuire & Alicia Kachmar


WITCH CRAFT: WICKED ACCESSORIES, CREEPY-CUTE TOYS, MAGICAL TREATS, & MORE! (HARD COVER) Compiled by Margaret McGuire & Alicia Kachmar Published by Quirk Classics Publication Date: 2010 Format: Color – 96 pages Price: $14.95 “Double, double, toil and trouble! The instructions in Witch Craft will help you conjure up 25 totally wicked treasures – everything from vampire bite necklaces to graveyard cupcakes. You’ll also find tips and tricks for transforming found objects and everyday items into … Continue reading

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The Monster Killers Club Premieres on Dread Central October 20th

If any of you ever read the books “Blood Lust Romance” & “Blood Lust Revenge” by the crazy and quite disturbing Creep Creepersin, you will be happy to hear that he is back and ready for action, this time with a web series! His newest venture, a web series called “MKC: The Monster Killers Club,” will sir its first episode on on October 20th. The show is written and directed by Creepersin and produced … Continue reading

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Zombie Epic Crosses into Blockbuster Hollywood Franchises


San Diego, CA – A first in comic book history, IDW Publishing is proud to announce INFESTATION! Starting in January 2011, INFESTATION will infect STAR TREK, GHOSTBUSTERS, TRANFORMERS and G.I. JOE comics with zombies, zombies, and more zombies. To help create this multi-dimensional saga, IDW is teaming up with fan-favorite writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (The Thanos Imperative, Legion of Super-Heroes) and artist David Messina (TRUE BLOOD). “This is definitely one of those ‘there’s no way they’ll ever do this’ kind of events,” said … Continue reading

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Scary String Dolls Are Here for Halloween

"Nightmare Bride" String Doll

Hey horror hounds! In the spirit of Haunting Season, with Halloween right around the corner, I wanted to share a special treat with you (no tricks, sorry!) that came in the mail for me today; I received a nifty little Halloween trinket that immediately reminded me of the “Bride of Chucky.” The trinket is in fact a little String Doll keychain from the website (called “Nightmare Bride”). The entire string doll is made up … Continue reading


Book Review: Cluck- Murder Most Foul – Author Eric D. Knapp


CLUCK: MURDER MOST FOUL Written by Eric D. Knapp Published by BookSurge Publishing Publication Date: 2007 Format: Black & White with Illustrations- 340 pages Price: $15.99 Cluck is a novel about a topic that one generally does not come across every day: ghost chickens. While there is a small somewhat cult following of the topic (re: Lloyd Kaufman’s Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead film), this book definitely has a unique story to tell. The … Continue reading

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Book Review: Blood Lust Revenge – Author Creep Creepersin


BLOOD LUST REVENGE (PAPERBACK) Written by Creep Creepersin Published by Creepsville Press Publication Date: 2007 Format: Black & White- 134 pages Price: $9.96 Blood Lust Revenge is the sequel to Blood Lust Romance. The novel follows Shooter, Bobby Jo, and Gilby through the aftermath of their horrific murdering spree. Also, the lingering question at the end of the first installment of the story is finally answered: What happened to Blacky? As with the first novel, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Blood Lust Romance – Author Creep Creepersin


BLOOD LUST ROMANCE (PAPERBACK) Written by Creep Creepersin Published by Dark Myth Publications Publication Date: 2007 Format: Black & White- 122 pages Price: $10.96 Blood Lust Romance is a fairly short book about five criminals and what happens to them on one given day as they decide to rob a house. Hint: things do not go exactly as planned, to say the least. The novel basically begins by giving a run-down of the criminals: their … Continue reading

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Film Review: Amusement (2008)


SYNOPSIS: While being interrogated by a police psychiatrist, the near-catatonic Tabitha (Katheryn Winnick) tries to explain why she and two of her childhood friends (Laura Breckenridge and Jessica Lucas) are being hunted by a serial killer. The truth that’s dying to come out weaves together three tragic secrets from their past. Keir O’Donnell and Tad Hilgenbrinck co-star as two of the girls’ boyfriends who become unwitting targets in their deadly game. REVIEW: Rob and his … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pride and Predjudice and Zombies – Author Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith


Written by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith Published by Quirk Classics Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black & White- 320 pages Price: $12.95 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a very amusing parody novel, which gives Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice a new horrific zombie apocalypse (and ninja filled) twist. I have not read the original Pride and Prejudice. As such, I unfortunately cannot give you an account of how the original compares to the … Continue reading

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