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Scary String Dolls Are Here for Halloween

Hey horror hounds! In the spirit of Haunting Season, with Halloween right around the corner, I wanted to share a special treat with you (no tricks, sorry!) that came in the mail for me today; I received a nifty little Halloween trinket that immediately reminded me of the “Bride of Chucky.” The trinket is in fact a little String Doll keychain from the website www.mystringdolls.com (called “Nightmare Bride”). The entire string doll is made up of, you guessed it…string…from its body all the way to its little strands of hair!

"Nightmare Bride" String Doll

MyStringDolls.com is a UK online store specializing in String Doll Keyrings and Voodoo Doll Keychains.  They are a fun accessory for your keyring, keychain, bag or mobile phone strap. Most importantly, though, many of these keychains are quite macabre! Other than my little “Nightmare Bride” friend, the site has string doll keychains of witches, devils, spirits, and other character designs that bring to mind memories of classic slasher films.

"Dead Fred" String Doll

A little history behind the String Doll:

There are lots of stories describing the origins of the String Dolls, Voodoo String Dolls and Voodoo keychains.  Most stories speak of these originating in Northern Thailand.  Nowadays, String Dolls, Voodoo String Dolls and Voodoo keychains are popular accessories all over Asia and the USA.

The original manufacturing method for String Dolls, Voodoo String Dolls and Voodoo keychains is full of charm.  What has been discerned from local contacts is that, in their spare time, farmers in Northern Thailand would create doll like figures from pieces of straw.  These would then be given to loved ones as tokens of affection and lucky charms.

Over time, and with textiles production becoming more sophisticated, straw was replaced with string and the modern String Dolls, Voodoo String Dolls and Voodoo keychains were born.

Each String Doll is made from a single length of continuous cotton string, which is carefully wound to create the classic string doll body shape.  No wire frames are used as a template for the body, so each wind has to be perfectly accurate.  Each one is then adorned with distinctive accessories to create particular characteristics.  Many of these accessories are made from off cuts of materials and textiles, which would otherwise be thrown away.

Halloween String Dolls

MyStringDolls.com has a great selection of themes, from classic horror characters and other movie characters, to pirates, to animals, to ghouls, goblins, and fairies! My personal favorite is the “Night Witch.” For $8, the String Dolls make creepily enjoyable treats for all those little ghosts and goblins out there on Halloween night!

"Night Witch" String Doll


  1. do you have one with crutches?

  2. Hi,

    Love these dolls! We noticed that the site you are referencing is now down, so we’d like to invite you to review our site too! We carry all of these dolls and many more at the best prices. If you’d like to do a new article, please let me know, and I’d be happy to send you a doll.

    Thank you,


  3. Nice article, check out the original String Doll World shop which is US based!



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