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The Monster Killers Club Premieres on Dread Central October 20th

If any of you ever read the books “Blood Lust Romance” & “Blood Lust Revenge” by the crazy and quite disturbing Creep Creepersin, you will be happy to hear that he is back and ready for action, this time with a web series! His newest venture, a web series called “MKC: The Monster Killers Club,” will sir its first episode on Dreadcentral.com on October 20th. The show is written and directed by Creepersin and produced by Creepersin and Buz Danger Wallick.

The show centers around Abercrombie Von Housing (Crom for short) played by Creepersin, who is the President and a special agent for the MKC (let alone its only member!). Crom has hired a documentarian (played by cinematographer, Andrew “Lost Tales From Camp Blood” Ceperley) to document his exploits in hope of gaining new business. The problem is, his exploits are not anything to write home about. They include telling children that there are no monsters under their bed, chasing so-called “aliens” and ghost hunting inn houses that have no ghosts.

Things take a turn for the better when Crom meets Pam (played by Nikki Wall) who is a pirate that works at a coffee shop with secrets and mysteries of her own, hires Crom to investigate strange noises comi9ng from her room mates room. Her roommate Mindy is played by Cheryl “Lake Death” Sands and Mindy’s  boyfriend, Jett Jaguar, is played by Buz Danger Wallick (Never Sleep Again).

As the week goes on, Crom finds that there is evil afoot in town and it has something to do with Pam apartment. Mainly, a terrifying message from The Evil Wong played by Charlie “The Brothers Cannibal” Vaughn. Can Crom and the MKC save the town and defeat  The Evil Wong?

There are also tons of great cameos!  Jonathan Loughran (Grindhouse, Grown Ups), Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers), Luke Y. Thompson (Wicked Lake), Chandler Maness (Orgy of Blood), Julia Boyd (Ding Dong Dead), Julie Rose (OC Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown), Justin Hawkins (Prick), Ford Austin (Dahmer vs Gacy), Brad Potts (Dark Walker),  Cory Grant (All My Children), Andrew Kasch (The Black Box),  Jamie Bernadette (Son of Sam), Benjamin Voelker (Lake Death) and others.

The first episode airs October 20th and will run weekly until the final episode airs on December 1st 2010. There is a second season of Monster Killers Club in pre-production now that will air early 2011.

Check out the trailer here:


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