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Top 3 Best Recent Bingo Movie Scenes

Bingo is a game that has been around for literal centuries, moving on through generations. Even today, it has adapted with technology to allow fans to play almost anywhere. Bingo sites such as pgbingo.com offer even those with just a minor interest in the game all the information you need to know about playing online.

But as well as evolving to keep up with player, bingo has also had its fair share of cultural celebration, appearing in many movies over the years. The game translates so well across languages and cultures so it comes as no surprise to find it cropping up in all sorts of movies. Here are just a few of cinema’s greatest bingo scenes:


Rampage (2009)

Probably one of the most recent bingo scenes out there takes place in the cult mass murder thriller Rampage. This hilarious and bizarre scene starts off with a hitman in a Kevlar suit casually entering a busy bingo hall, his character completely contrasting the older run-of-the-mill bingo punters. His presence, though starkly contrasting, seems to go unnoticed by players and the game continues as normal. The killer, complete with semi-automatic weapons in tow, freely orders a drink from the bar and sits down at a table, resting his weapons on top – all without anyone so much as raising an eyebrow! It’s only when he walks up to the bingo caller and grabs a ball out of her hand that he is noticed. As the tension builds, viewers are left anxious as to what this mad man will do next. And what he does is most shocking: he calls the number, walks out and leaves the game to resume as normal.

Bad Grampa (2013)

This scene is as hilarious as it is horrifying. The Johnny Knoxville gross-out flick brings childish humour even to the bingo hall. In this scene, Knoxville is filmed as the Bad Grampa, ready to partake in a game of bingo, with participants around him unaware he’s being filmed. In true prankster style, Knoxville makes some inappropriate quips as the game begins, and then it all turns a little sour from there. Bingo fans are grossed out and try to halt their beloved game as Knoxville starts squirting bingo dauber fluid into his mouth. His disgusting and rude antics continue, forcing people to move table as they are put off their game by his banter, margarita making and hijinx.


Hotel Transylvania (2012)

This Columbia Pictures animated film may be for kids but it still offers a hilarious bingo scene , all with the spookiness of Halloween about it. Hotel Transylvania is a fun twist on the tale of Dracula, who’s so keen to get away from the human world that he’s opened up a top-end resort for all other beasts and ghouls.

One of the great daytime activities to take part in at the resort is bingo. Now of course this isn’t just your average game of bingo, as you’re in amongst the harbourers of the darkness, so the game is played accordingly. Instead of your usual bingo balls rolled around in a cage, there are tiny little skulls, which when removed, speak their number to the bingo caller. The disinterested bingo caller shouts the number, to a silent and unenthused looking audience.


Then, a woman who appears to be a middle aged version of Frankenstein’s bride finds she has bingo, and excitedly calls out. But much to her dismay, her bingo playing pal, who also appears to be some sort of monster, suddenly acts on the urge to eat her winning card! Frankenstein’s bride gets sassy while the monster lady protests innocence. It’s childhood humour at its best.

These are of course just a selection of the comical and horrifying bingo scenes out there, bringing great fun and cultural celebration to the game. Hopefully, there will be many more great bingo scenes to come in the future!

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