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Interview: Alexander Taylor (Dreamcatcher 2021)

“Alexander Taylor’s new horror film Dreamcatcher hits March 5th.  Alex has a 100% fresh film Scream Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street and is one of the hottest new composers in horror.” Hello Alex, how are you? Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview with Horrornews.net. I watched Dreamcatcher and I loved the music and the intensity of this movie. …

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Interview: Author Paul Lubaczewski

Paul Lubaczewski, author of the Amazon best seller “I Never Eat…Cheesesteak”, “Cult of the Gator God” and “A New Life” Paul has an upcoming collection of Appalachian Horror novelettes “3 Hits From the Holler” coming from St. Rooster Books on February 28th” Paul-The next two books will be 3 Hits from the Holler with St. Rooster Books which consists of three …

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Exclusive Interview: Miss Asia USA, Ashley Park goes from Tiaras to Terror! (Stay)

Exclusive Interview: Miss Asia USA, Ashley Park goes from Tiaras to Terror! (Stay) As an actress and former Miss Asia USA, Ashley Park has appeared in TV shows such as Rosewood and Days of Our Lives. Her recent emergence as an independent horror producer, however, is turning heads in a completely new way. Eager to explore the darker corners of …

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Forbidden Science: An Interview with series creator Doug Brode

Today, genre fans have an abundance of dark, intelligent television at their fingertips. Series like Black Mirror, Stranger Things and Lovecraft Country that would once have been labeled niche or cult have found huge audiences—but that wasn’t always the case. In the pre-streaming era highly regarded shows like Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner (1967) or Joss Whedon’s Firefly (2002) couldn’t gain …

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HNN Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker, Sasha Sibley (The Box)

HNN Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker, Sasha Sibley (The Box) Sasha Sibley is a 22 year-old writer and filmmaker who has directed numerous short films and is currently in post production on his debut feature film, The Box. His achievements have been recognized at various film festivals, among them Dances With Films and WorldFestHouston (where he won a Platinum Remi-Award for …

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Interview: Mickey Reece (Climate of the Hunter)

“Dark Star Pictures has acquired critically acclaimed indie auteur Mickey Reece’s award-winning and super stylish vampire feature Climate of the Hunter. The film, lauded by critics as a “gloriously quirky cinematic feat” (Rue Morgue) and “an instant cult classic” (Film Freak Central), releases in select theaters this December ahead of an On Demand release January, 2021. Two sisters, Alma and Elizabeth, along with a dog who’s described as a …

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Interview: Damien LeVeck (The Cleansing Hour)

In THE CLEANSING HOUR, Max and Drew run a popular webcast that streams “live exorcisms” watched by millions across the globe. In reality, the exorcisms are just elaborately staged hoaxes performed by paid actors. But their fortunes take a turn when one of the actors becomes possessed by an actual demon and takes the crew hostage. In front of a rapidly growing audience, the demon subjects the crew to a series of violent challenges, threatening to expose the dark …

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Interview with David McAbee (Nova)

“In Nova, Dr. Nova Thorpe (Kelly Kula) is the lead engineer for a top-secret experiment. When everything goes wrong, Nova has but a few moments to warn everyone before it’s too late… Nova was filmed on a Panasonic EVA1 using a rotating robotic arm built and controlled remotely by Director of Photography, David C. Smith. The robotic arm allowed director David McAbee and David C. Smith …

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