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Exclusive Interview: Actor Tony Fadil of DEAD AGAIN

Exclusive Interview: Actor Tony Fadil of DEAD AGAIN

What attached you to this movie – DEAD AGAIN?

Steve M Smith the writer and director , contacted me and said he had written a script and had me in mind for the lead role. I read the script and could see myself playing the role of PS Cooper.

How does this character differ from other characters that you’ve played?

Over the last couple of year I seem to be getting more police officer roles, this role differed to the usual police role as there was so many comedy elements to it.

What was your most difficult scene? Why?

The very first opening scene I done with Elliott was the most difficult as it was 15 pages of dialogue in one take. Elliott and I had never met before let alone worked together before but there had to be good chemistry between us because of the comedy aspects of the film.

How was it working with STEVEN M. SMITH?

I have done a number of films with Steven and the nice thing about working with him is he allows your input on set and freedom for creativity.

What was your favorite day on set? Why?

There were lots of great moments on set filming this film so picking a favourite would be very difficult but one that sticks out in my mind would be Mark Wingett’s scene in the library. His energy levels were so high that he completely threw me off my game (and he knew it!!)

What movie or event from your childhood turned you on to the film industry?

There are a lot of reasons I like the film industry and being involved in the film world. One of my main reasons would be watching Quadrophenia with the most remarkable cast and some great sound scores (and yep Mark Wingett was in!)

Name your top 3 horror films on all time?

My top 3 horror films would have to be The Exorcist (1973), The Shining (1980) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Who inspires your creativity?

Brian Dennehy, Joe Pesci and David Jason, Robert De Niro, Al Pachino…. the list is endless

What’s next?

I have just finished directing and acting in a 5 part drama, Trending Crimes, I am half way through filming a drama called Web Crawler, I have also been casted for a new Netflix drama called Underground and am involved in a new TV documentary.


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