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Funding: The Devil Take You: Anthology of Medieval Horror

The Devil Take You is an anthology of medieval horror comprising 14 tales set in the world Rome left behind.

Join us in the plague-infested streets of London and the howling expanse of the Carpathian Steppes. Explore the once-hallowed halls of fortified monasteries and bear witness to the sacrilegious Vikings who would plunder them. From the macabre corpse collectors of Al-Waset to vicious highwaymen and their blasphemous secrets, The Devil Take You offers a delicious glimpse into the hellish world of the Middle Ages. Within these pages, life is fleeting, but death is never slow.

Featuring tales by C.L. Werner, Coy Hall, Anya Leigh Josephs, Benedict Anning, Phil Keeling, Brent Salish, Amanda M. Blake, Stephanie Ellis, R. T. Wenzel, Morgan Melhuish, Gerald Jensen, Justin Fillmore, Dw. Thomas Minton, and Brian Crenshaw.



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