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The Top Rob Zombie Movies

You’ve probably found you way here as a fan of Zombie’s movies. Seeing that Rob still has “not” created and released 10 films makes it hard to present this as a top 10 list. We know that true Rob Zombie fans don’t need a list (as most can likely recite them off effortlessly without thinking twice) but….. we also have come to learn that many new viewers aren’t so savvy and could use a little guidance.

There’s plenty of sources to get the info you need, but we’d thought we’d make it easier in case your on your way to Bestbuy and need an item list. Whether you love em or hate em, we still recommend carrying his collection for a good horror-filled time. How often you watch em is up to you.

Despite what critics say, especially when Mr. Zombie takes on remakes, we still love what this man does when he isn’t busy creating bad-ass music CD’s.

So without further ado, we present the top Rob zombie films ranked accordingly. Disagree? Sure, we get it..and we’d love to hear your onions. Go ahead, re-hash our list, we dare ya!  Just kidding, yep have at it..it’s all in the name of fun, inspiration and education, so why not?

1- The Devil’s Rejects (2005)
By far one of the best films that Rob Zombie has graced us with. This movie has soul and intensity! Featuring actors  Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, and Sheri Moon Zombie we are rejoined with the Firefly gang and their nasty knack for being homicidal. The film wears an obvious 70’s style to its presentation complete with a “soundtrack to own” supporting its backing score. learn their names, Captain Spaulding, Vera-Ellen “Baby” Firefly and Otis Driftwood, as they are nastier than the Mason family themselves. It’s a great horror and action piece that deserves a top spot on this list. This one should not be missed. It’s the Rob zombie style that simply works.

The-Devils-Rejects-2005-movie-(2) The-Devils-Rejects-2005-movie-(1)

2- House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
House of 1000 Corpses ” is one insane film. I was an instant fan upon first viewing learning shortly after that some just didn’t get it. The movie is basically an homage to everything from the 70’s horror films we love, namely its affinity towards Texas chainsaw Massacre, Hills Have Eyes and others from that era.

The film was chock full of fun and demented characters making its way to even darker characters culminating into a hodgepodge zombie style circus of freaks.

Rob Zombie upon directing “House of 1000 Corpses” was still a newcomer to the horror circuit. Though he persevered pulling in a 3-4 million dollar budget finishing at 7 million.  While some dismissed it as simple “exploitation horror” others embraced it as a damn fine film and ode to Rob’s efforts. I share the latter, “House of 1000 Corpses” is a great horror film. You can’t expect all to get it or love….but trust me, Rob, some of us do.

House-of-1000-Corpses-2003-rob-zombie-film House-of-1000-Corpses-2003-rob-zombie-film2
3- Halloween II (2009)

Halloween II literally begins where Halloween (2007) left off. In some respect the 2 of them together make for 1 long extended film. Though while they are of equal making, I found II to be slightly more energetic and violent to my tastes. The aspect of Michael’s ghost mother and a white horse are shoved down our throats like a new character in the film hoping to put some sense of psyche into Michael’s reasoning. In all it was a good horror film with plenty of slasher moments. I’m not so sure I cared for the vagrant / hobo version of Myers as a new direction though Dr. Loomis was a joy to watch played by the often snarky and vibrant Malcolm McDowell. Halloween II (2009) has a professional look and style to it despite what comparison or character differences it may hold.


4- Halloween (2007)
A re-imagined and rehashing of the 1978 film of same name. Despite the 2007 version lacking the extension of the 1978 John Carpenter film, “Halloween” was still a great slasher horror product made by a fan himself. Rob Zombie was cast into the horror limelight tasked with championing a film that most probably most wouldn’t want the burden of. Yes, it was a re-make to align with the trend of re-makes. We got a good horror product and alot for fans to talk about and compare. Was Michael Myers the faceless killer we’ve come to love? not as much, but still locked to his trademark need for wearing a mask and hiding has ugliness. The film is definitely worth a spin as much as the film is a spin on the franchise. It’s got alot of the original scenes added in for respect sake  AND we get to see Michael as a bratty bad kid as well. A great cast behind this one makes for a reason that this movie simply cant fail even if re-visioned and kick-started again.

halloween-2007-rob-zombie-(1) halloween_ii_2009-movie-rob-zombie-(2) halloween-2007-rob-zombie-(3) halloween-2007-rob-zombie-(2)

5- The Lords of Salem (2012)
While the film certainly appealed to portions of the horror audience, it was low on my list of recommendations due to its excessive satanic content. Surely we are used to seeing cults, the devil, and devil worship woven into the premise of a film. Hell (no pun intended), some of the best horror films out there are devil-rooted.

The Lords of Salem” did have its excellent aspects. Namely the way it tributes itself to the old school way of film making. This visual and contextual aspect was very apparent in “The Lords of Salem” and was done with expert attention. “The Lords of Salem” failed by letting its content become “too” much of a tribute to the satanic ways opting to promote it rather than confront it or make fun of it. In other words, it tried too hard to be “culty”. The film as a viable product is too outside of the mainstream to be consumable. Even with our positive bias towards culty films, “The Lords of Salem” was a bit too much to embrace and love it. Because of this, it is the 2nd least recommended Rob zombie creation.

lords-of-salem-2012-movie-rob-zombie-1 lords-of-salem-2012-movie-rob-zombie-2 lords-of-salem-2012-movie-rob-zombie-3

6- The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (2009)
Zombie is a great artist in his own right. “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto” is impressive as an animation though when compared to Rob’s other products, it is not of the same caliber. The animations are in fact “based on” Rob’s work leaving him more with the task of Director, producer and story writer. It’s fun to watch in the context of an adult theme using Rob;’s characters as cnter piutns to the story. Nazi’s, octo-women, Satan…etc…well you get the picture. A movie that could as easily fit into the “adult swim” network as a series. Cool shit but not as cool as the real stuff.

Haunted_world_of_el_superbeasto-2009-movie-Rob-zombie Haunted_world_of_el_superbeasto-2009-film-Rob-zombie


31 (2016)
While not perfect, 31 is indeed deserving of placement into this list far outweighing its predecessor Lords of Salem.
One thing that 31 brough to the genre was another strong entry containing scary nasty clowns. For that alone 31 is a must see Rob zombie feature

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