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Famke Janssen: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

No one can deny the impact that actress / model former-Bond-girl Famke Janssen has had on the acting world. This lady has been keeping busy for quite some time, though most would say it started with her appearance as Bond girl Xenia Onatopp in 1995’s “GoldenEye”.

Of course her biggest role would come later as the first (and best) Jean Grey in the much heralded X-men franchise (later being replaced by a younger Sophie Turner so that the franchise could reboot itself with a new cast). When it comes to the horror franchise, Famke has done well by giving us a collective variety of film appearances. Another early role would come per way of character Dorothea Swann in 1995’s Clive Barker cult film, “Lord of Illusions“. This would lead up to more horror rooted films such as: “The Gingerbread Man“, “Hide and Seek“, “100 Feet“, and “Primal”.

Not stopping there, Famke Janssen would additionally appear in well known horror fan favorite films such as: “House on Haunted Hill”, “Deep Rising“, and the more fantasy-horror rooted “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters“.

Expanding on that we would also come to know her as Susan ‘Scottie’ Hargrave in the TV series “The Blacklist: Redemption”, a sister crossover that was welcomed, but short lived, and the earlier horror TV show “Hemlock Grove”. Bond girl or not, it was clear early on that this tall striking lady was not only beautiful and alluring but screen savvy as well. These photos have been gathered from the collectives of magazine, film, and private photos shoots over the years leading up to our special feature: Famke Janssen’s Hottest Sexiest Photo collection!

Ranging a full spectrum of photography sessions, look no further to get a nice array of impressive shots!  Want more? Make sure and check out our celebrity sexy photos section

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