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Charlize Theron: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Charlize Theron, one of Hollywood’s sexiest beauties, is a name we have been hearing for quite some time! In fact, she has been on our to-do list for hottest features for awhile now, so we are happy to add her to our collective of featured actresses.

We love her as a spy, a seductress, a villain, a super hero….you name it, Theron has contributed her share of diverse acting roles.

Charlize got her start in the 90’s playing such diverse edge roles as “The Astronaut’s Wife“. Though her cool dynamics would soon lend her skills to more dramatic action movies. Going from “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion” to “Men of Honor” to “Reindeer Games”, she became an A-lister that demanded attention on screen. “Æon Flux”, one of my personal favorites, would see Charlize take on a more action, comic book character type using her aka Mission Impossible-style skills.

Many fans would remember her for almost-unrecognizable change in the film “Monster” where she played the role Aileen, a female serial killer. 1997, marked an earlier performance in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate” playing the role of Mary Ann Lomax and acting alongside greats, Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves.

Though take your pick, “Mighty Joe Young”, “North Country”, “Hancock”, “Dark Places”, “Prometheus” or even “Snow White and the Huntsman“, Charlize Theron jumped from action, to horror, to science fiction and fantasy with grace, style, and beauty.

(Note: Word is she will also be taking on an “Atomic Blonde 2” sequel coming up in 2022!)

Speaking of, you can’t share the world’s screen with so much frequency without stopping for a few striking photo shoots in between. Whether focused on her long legs or stunning profile, photographers wasted no time in capturing her in magazines. Charlize Theron would quickly move to cover model while still taking on a smattering of impressive movie roles.

We wanted t provide a quick look at some of those sessions for fans of Charlize alongside the other great images she took the time to take over the years. I am sure of this….Charlize Theron has a long career ahead while leaving much for us behind, welcome to Charlize Theron’s: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection!!

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