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Film Review: Gimme Shelter (2007)


SYNOPSIS: It’s just another day in a small New Mexican town. The folks of the small community go about their normal daily business never realizing that on the outskirts of town there is an evil just waiting for the sun to go down. That evil comes in the form of a young man named Phillip who is out to get his fathers attention. It’s going to be a special effort though because you see Phillip’s father is Charles … Continue reading

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Film Review: From Beyond (1986)

From Beyond (1986)

SYNOPSIS: After inventing a way for creatures from the fourth dimension to come into his own world, Dr. Edward Pretorious (Ted Sorel) suffers a gruesome decapitation at the hands of those he brought “from beyond.” But authorities suspect his assistant (Jeffrey Combs) is to blame. Barbara Crampton co-stars as a beautiful psychiatrist brought in to help police solve the case in this classic 1980s thriller based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft. REVIEW: Directed … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hidden (aka Skjult) (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Some terrible things happened to Kai Koss when he was a child. Returning back home after twenty years so that he may bury his mother only begins to awaken the memory of some of these horrible things. Kai finds however that most of the small town is suspicious of his arrival, and most aren’t too happy about it. Worst of all Kai finds out a secret that his mother has kept hidden from the entire town. REVIEW:  … Continue reading

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Interview: Frank Henlelotter (Bad Biology, Basket Case, Brain Damage)


In my younger days I would spend hours standing in front of the horror section at the local video store. The big boxes and their promises of blood, sex and violence felt like home to me for some reason. Of the titles that I rented the most there was one that got on my mothers nerves like no other, that movie was Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case. After several viewings of Basket Case I started trying to find other … Continue reading

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Film Review: Faces of Death (1978)


SYNOPSIS: A rite of passage of sorts to gore hounds everywhere, Faces of Death is the footage collected by Dr. Francis B. Gross of genuine deaths. He hopes that the viewer of his collected footage will gain a better understanding of the life that they live. REVIEW: Directed by: John Alan Schwartz Starring: Michael Carr, Samuel Berkowitz and Mary Ellen Brighton “Watching this man in his last moments of life I began to feel guilty. … Continue reading

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Film Review: Fever Night (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Elliot, Warren and Terry are going deep into the woods to perform a Satanic ritual. What starts as a fire and child’s play turns deadly however as accidents happen and soon the three young adults are left to fend for themselves in the woods. The three have woke up something sleeping deep in the woods though and they are about to find out that it just might not want to let them go. REVIEW: … Continue reading


Film Review: Fermat’s Room (2007)


SYNOPSIS: Four brilliant minds have been sent an invitation to attend a gathering. At the gathering the group of four is supposed to help solve a mathematic enigma, and essentially celebrate how brilliant they are. The four brilliant minds however soon learn that not only do they all know each other, but someone wants the four of them to die this night in a room that could only have been dreamt up by a twisted … Continue reading


Film Review: Red Hill (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Shane Cooper is a law enforcement officer who has decided that it is time for him and his pregnant wife Alice to leave the city and settle in the small town of Red Hill. During his first day on the job at his new beat Shane quickly learns that Red Hill is hardly the small quiet community that he was hoping to escape to….and speaking of escapes… REVIEW: Directed by: Patrick Hughes Starring: Ryan … Continue reading

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Film Review: Trunk (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A young waitress is kidnapped out of a parking garage and shoved into the trunk of a large automobile. She struggles for a bit before she finds out that the man who has kidnapped her has set up microphones and speakers around her. Obviously this isn’t the kidnappers first time at this. REVIEW: Director: Straw Weisman Starring: Jennifer Day and David Blanchard “If you don’t want a nightmare I suggest you listen to me … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Mutilator (1985)


SYNOPSIS: The college tradition of fall break sends many young coed’s on their way to wonderful mini vacations full of memories most of them will cherish. For young Ed and his five friends though fall break just means one more week sitting around the local tavern wishing that they would have made some sort of plans. Luckily Ed’s father calls him and lets him know that his beach condo needs to be cleaned up for … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dagon (2001)


SYNOPSIS: You think you have heard the worst vacation story, I think we have a new one for you. Imagine getting shipwrecked near a small Spanish speaking fishing village. And if that’s not enough the entire town is overrun with strange pale, almost fishlike people. Sound like your kind of get away; just wait until you meet the big guy who runs the whole party. REVIEW: Directed by: Stuart Gordon Starring: Ezra Godden, Raquel Merono, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Call Back (2009) Review 2


SYNOPSIS: Levi is a very successful director of the low budget horror film Vice. He is currently casting for his new film and finally sees something he likes in the young Meadow, who is new to the Los Angeles area. Levi of course invites her over to his place for a private call back; you see Levi likes to do certain things to the young actresses who try out for his movies. He is in … Continue reading

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Film Review: Female Slaves Revenge (1997)


SYNOPSIS: In a small section of Africa a new order has taken over and is starting to eliminate the slave trade. The new order is running out all of the rich and greedy white slave owners and giving all of the property owned by these people back to their proper owners…the former slaves. This is a fictionalized account of what happened to one of these slave owners once the new order began to take over. … Continue reading


Film Review: The Possession of David O’Reilly (2010)


  SYNOPSIS: Kate and Alex are your typical young couple who are trying to make it on their own. Little do they know that in only a matter of three days their entire world is about to be turned upside down by the arrival of Alex’s friend David who brings more than just your typical drama into their homestead. REVIEW: Year: 2010 Directed by: Andrew Cull and Steven Isles Starring: Giles Ahderson, Zoe Richards, Nicholas … Continue reading

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Film Review: Enter The Void (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Do you ever wonder what exactly does happen to you after you shudder off this mortal coil? You probably aren’t alone; in fact Gaspar Noe has a very beautiful and twisted vision of what happens to one after they die…. allow him to show you. REVIEW: Year: 2010 Directed by: Gaspar Noe Starring: Nathaniel Brown, Paz De La Huerta, Cyril Roy “I’m scared of dying I guess….of falling into the void.” Enter the Void … Continue reading

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Film Review: Psycho Shark (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Mai and Miki are two young and attractive girls who are traveling to Okinawa for a vacation. Once the girls are settled into their hotel room Miki quickly finds a small video cassette which lets the young girl know that their vacation is about to become a nightmare! REVIEW: “I’m going to create many memories!” Year: 2009 Directed by: John Hijiri I thought upon seeing the title Psycho Shark that I was in store … Continue reading

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Film Review: Shadowland (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Why is it that stupid people working near churches feel the need to just rip things out of the ground, don’t they know things were put there for a reason! Some blundering workers at a site near a church realize this when they suddenly rip a stake out of a cross that is found buried on the churches grounds. Now I might not be the smartest of men, however removing a stake from a … Continue reading

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Film Review: Class of Nuke’em High (1986)


SYNOPSIS: You think your high school life was rough, take a look at what the kids at Tromaville High go through in just the span of week; slime coming out of drinking fountains, the honor society turning into motorcycle punks and a monster growing in the fallout shelter. I wonder if that nuclear power plant next door has anything to do with it. REVIEW: Directed by: Richard W. Haines, Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman Starring: … Continue reading

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Film Review: Cravings (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Stephen is having a rough time with his life. His wife has committed suicide and his friends are worried about him returning to work. You see though Stephen is a psychiatrist, it’s his purpose in life to help other people. Stephens’s new patient Nina however may be a little bit more than he was ready for. Nina has the need to see and drink fresh blood, but vampires can’t be real….can they? REVIEW: Directed … Continue reading

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Film Review: City of the Dead (1961)


SYNOPSIS: Young college coed Nan Barlow at the advice of her professor Alan Driscoll travels to the small New England village of Whitewood to finish her final paper on the subject of witchcraft. Witchcraft is far from a fairy tale in the small New England town however, and soon Nan is going to find out what evil does indeed lurk in the foggy streets of Whitewood. REVIEW: Directed by: John Llewellyn Moxley Starring: Christopher Lee, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Clownstrophobia (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Dr. Weathers is a psychologist who along with Dr. Boyd decides to have a therapy session at her estate with a group of juvenile delinquents who all have one thing in common, the fear of clowns. Dr. Weathers also has a fear of clowns with a darn good reason; Dr. Weathers brother dressed up like a clown and called himself Snuffle during a killing spree that also ended the life of her parents. Should … Continue reading

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