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Superhero Movies that Need to Hit the Big Screen

Greetings fans and friends, this week we’re compiling a list of superhero movies that need to be made and as a bonus we’re going to include a list of films that need a reboot. So, without any more fanfare let’s begin.

For the first film on our list of heroes who need to touch the silver screen we’ve got a double dip for you. Blue Beetle is a hero that has had several people wear the mantle and none perhaps more entertaining than Jaime Reyes, who has been with the Teen Titans and teamed up with the young Firestorm in Young Justice League.

The wise cracking, young man not only would give us a new and colorful character for the DC cinematic universe, but he’d also be one of the first Latino superheroes to take off on the silver screen. Combine his wisecracking ways with the fact that Blue Beetle and Firestorm both add a little more diversity to the silver screen and Blue Beetle has the potential to be an absolute smash hit at the box office. The past few years have shown that there is a craving among the masses for more culturally diverse heroes and comic universes to hit the screen and Blue Beetle is a character with loads of charisma. DC’s Aquaman showed that humor is desperately needed in the DC universe and Blue Beetle with or without Firestorm should be fun for everyone. Adding in Firestorm a young man in whom, resides the mind of a super genius and we have the makings of a fresh and exciting new foray into DC’s universe.

Next on the list is a character that is long overdue to hit the cinemas considering her counterpart has been on the big screen a plethora of times and that is She-Hulk. Cousin to Bruce Banner, young Jennifer Walters becomes She-Hulk after she receives a blood transfusion from her cousin that saves her life. With the ability to retain her intelligence even when in her Hulk form and her ability to become stronger when enraged, She-Hulk is a dangerous superheroine that must hit the big screens. Consider the success of Captain Marvel, and this character hitting the big screen is a no brainer. She-Hulk has the brains and the brawn to absolutely demolish the big screen and potential crossovers into the Avengers in the future and Hulk movies is tantalizing. For all the talk of Marvel’s studios wanting to give the world badass women heroes they’ve neglected one of the heaviest hitters for far too long. She-Hulk deserves her own film and honestly, with the right casting and just taking the chance I think this is a potential slam dunk.

Following up She-Hulk on this list of neglected supers is DC’s Static best known for his appearance in a very popular animated television series Static Shock. Let’s just start with the obvious Static’s absence from the DC cinematic universe is an absolute travesty. Forget about the fact that his cartoon series was immensely popular for the action it portrayed, it was one of the earliest animated superhero television shows featuring a young African American boy as the titular hero. Static has a plethora of skills at his disposal with his ability to manipulate electricity, an excellent mind for strategy, the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields, technopathy, telepathic resistance, and a keen intellect for science and technology. Static also has the superhero pedigree being the son of famed superhero Black Lightning. He was a member of the Teen Titans and aside from all these facts has a wildly entertaining personality. His wisecracking, pun-making and fun-loving attitude combined with his sheer prowess in battle make him an absolute must for the big screen. Not to mention the nostalgia factor. Static would instantly scream for box office success as fans of the animated television series would flock to the theaters to finally see Static get his due. Bring back the theme song by Lil Romeo and you have got yourself a funky new superhero that kids will love.

Next up on the list is a heroine that really deserves a chance to shine on the screen and after her appearance in the popular television series Arrow, it’s a bit of a shock that Black Canary, has yet to get her own film. Black Canary otherwise known as Dinah Drake, is one of DC’s oldest female supers and she has yet to make her big screen debut. Forget about the fact that she first appeared in comics in 1947 and has since been incorporated into super teams such as the Justice League, the League of Assassins, and the very popular Birds of Prey, and consider that she is one of DC’s premier female characters. She’s got top notch hand-to-hand combat skills that let her go toe-to-toe with some of DC’s finest, Batman, the Green Arrow and many more have been taken to the limits in fights with her as she dances along the lines of hero and master thief. In addition, to having awesome reflexes and kick-ass fighting skills she can shatter bones with her supersonic screams, fly, and is quite durable. Black Canary has the potential to steal some spotlight on the big screen with the right casting, and consider that she’s faced off with Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and teamed up with many heroes the possibilities for her are endless. DC had smash-hit success with Wonder Woman and its high time that Black Canary gets to shine. She’s got the tools, the storylines, the character development and personality to carry a franchise. DC take note.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking what about the guys man? Well what about them? Next, we have another DC grand slam who absolutely deserves her shot in the big time and that is Zatanna. Zatanna might be one of DC universe’s strongest heroines in terms of potential and sheer ability. She boasts incredible magic power and is quite the tactician. Let’s not forget that she rescues several heroes among them Aquaman and Batman. She is also single-handedly defeated a few Black Lanterns, a feat that for those familiar with the very popular Blackest Night story arc, would know is no small task. Zatanna is the most powerful sorceress in the DC Universe and by extension is considered to be one of the most powerful characters period in the DC Universe for those who understand how powerful magic is in the comics. She has the power to heal nearly any injury, can overpower other magic users, can resist most forms of mental influence from others, she can create vivid illusions to fool and dismay people, excellent reflexes, perfected the art of sleight of hand, and has demonstrated the ability to even manipulate time and space. Zatanna is an incredible metahuman and the fact that such a powerful heroine hasn’t hit the big screen is just a shame.

Following Zatanna, we have Squirrel Girl. You’re damn right that you read that correctly and if you think this is a joke consider that the Avengers must now gear up again to defeat Thanos after he wiped out half the universe during their first tussle with him. Now, consider the fact that Squirrel Girl beat him by herself with no help at all. Controversy surrounds this character even within the comics there are many contradictions about her true strength, but make no mistake one thing is clear she befriended Galactus, you know the eater of planets? Yeah that Galactus. She beats Thanos on her own, though he later tries to save face by claiming it was a clone. Nice try! She also beat Doctor Doom on her own. Let’s face it Squirrel Girl has a legion of squirrels at her disposal, enhanced reflexes, enhanced strength and durability, razor sharp claws, retractable knuckle spikes, the ability to communicate with squirrels, a prehensile tail, and “squirrelgility.” Now, while many consider this character to be humorous and she very much is, her powers are no joke, and neither is her ability to entertain. This hero has the capacity to make a family-friendly Deadpool style splash in the theaters and potentially break the box office. Not to mention her character is adorable. Marvel you have got to jump on this goldmine right now. Also, seriously, we want some credits.

Next up, I just have one question for you all. Where in the hell is Nightwing’s film? We’ve had numerous Batman movies and shows featuring Robin, his trusty sidekick, but its time for Dick Grayson to finally become Nightwing on the big screen. DC has one of its most amazing characters sitting around on the sideline. Nightwing has so many memorable storylines in the comics as a rogue, former assassin/sidekick to the caped crusader and he has no film. After the Dark Knight Rises, it was a great hope of mine that we’d see Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, don the mask and break out those acrobatics on the streets of Gotham. Nightwing is a character that would absolutely steal the show on the big screen if done right. He’s an expert detective having learned from the best in the biz, a tremendously skilled martial artist, a brilliant tactician, a skilled acrobat and aerialist, and has a plethora of cool gizmos that kids would love to have their parents buy them. Not only does he have access to Batman’s rogue gallery of villains, he even has an entire spy network that he takes on, the League of Assassins to deal with, and the League of Shadows, the awesome Deathstroke (who nudge, nudge needs his own film too) and Jason Todd, a rogue Robin, turned Red Hood. Nightwing has so much potential to be a box office success. This character’s storyline potential should have audiences and directors salivating.

Next, are two heroes with a whole civilization to share with us Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Why these two major characters from DC’s Universe haven’t hit the screens is beyond me. They are members of an ancient and powerful race from the planet Thanagar with access to a powerful metal called “Nth Metal” which gifts them with powerful weapons and the ability to defy gravity. Both possess wings, superior physical strength to humans and many superhumans, advanced technology, spaceships capable of causing great destruction, the ability to control birds, the ability to communicate with birds, the ability to detect radiation and command over an army of their own people. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are OG DC heroes and have appeared in many different incarnations. They’ve assisted the Justice League and defended their people against demons, gods and alien invasions. These two heroes may be among the old school hero collection, but if done right they could quietly steal the show on the big screen. Consider this a challenge to James Cameron and James Wan. Creating a whole new planet takes a lot of work, but having their entire civilization interact with ours would be an interesting challenge indeed.

Marvel one of your heaviest hitters has been sitting on the sidelines. The Sentry must have a film. This isn’t funny anymore Marvel. For those of you who don’t know, The Sentry is one of Marvel’s most powerful characters bar none. With the ability to fly, psionic powers, energy absorption, superhuman strength, speed, and agility, overpowered regenerative healing factor, light manipulation, invulnerability, enhanced senses, immortality, gravity manipulation, teleportation, and molecular manipulation all in his grasp it begs the ultimate question. Why the hell won’t you give us nice things? I mean forget about Thanos this guy could blow him away with a fart. The Sentry is ostensibly one of Marvel’s most powerful forces and is in the ultimate battle of the self. His counterpart the Void has the power to destroy universes and only he can stop him. Unfortunately, he is the Void and with every great deed he achieves there must be an equal reaction to it. His powers work in much the same way basic physics do, equal and opposite reactions. This character is dark and inspiring, but Marvel has simply not dared to leap into this territory yet. They absolutely should.

Finally, we have Marvel’s Iron Fist. This character has so much potential aside from being an amazing martial artist who had his Netflix show canceled, he helps head the team The Defenders. He wields the mystical force of the Iron Fist and the power of the chi as his weapons, when he isn’t running a multi-billion-dollar company. Danny Rand is a fascinating character who must face a lot of hard truths during his character development and suffers a lot on his road to achieving and preserving harmony in the world. He is one of Marvel’s great humanitarians and introduces to us the many ways a person can be a hero. His character is admirable, honorable, charitable and seeks peace above all things for all people. This is a box office sensation waiting to happen.

Now that we’ve tackled the heroes and heroines who deserve a film here are some films that need to be rebooted.

Number One: The Punisher My argument here is that aside from the Netflix original series this character has never been given its due. Filmmakers should take note from the Netflix producers of this show and give fans the R-rated thrill ride we’ve been waiting for all these years. This anti-hero is one of the most famed in the Marvel Universe and is well-known for its brutal realism and gritty storytelling. With the success of Deadpool and Logan, there is no need for any more excuses give us The Punisher.

Number Two: Ghost Rider– This film is a no brainer, the original film wasn’t bad, but the follow up was terrible. Consider the fact that the Ghost Rider can be passed to others and Marvel doesn’t have to search far for a much more entertaining storyline. Tie it to the original with Nicholas Cage if you must, but give us the Alejandra Jones, incarnation. Picture the badass young Mexican-American woman on a rampage to root out the world’s evil. She’s among Marvel’s most powerful heroines and she could give the Ghost Rider franchise something fresh to play with. A badass woman who demolishes her enemies and burns them with hell-fire sign us up. Not to mention the fact that she beats up the Devil himself and saves a lot of Marvel’s heroes from hell. Give the devil her damn due.

Number Three: Death of Superman/Doomsday/Batman vs. Superman– There is no easy way to say this Batman vs. Superman, is a controversial film that many people didn’t like. It wasn’t as good as it should have been, and it suffered greatly from plot holes and rushed timeline. Doomsday was a boring character in the film and Superman’s death was almost a relief in the first portrayal. This story is one of DC’s most controversial it needs to be given a better run.

Number Four: Green Lantern– This film was so bad even Ryan Reynolds hates joking about it. Green Lantern is a DC mainstay and it needs a reboot for the next Justice League to feel whole. Consider a few names as possible shoe-ins for the part of Jonathan Stewart, Winston Duke, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II or perhaps Michael Jai White. Stewart is perhaps the most popular and among the most powerful incarnations of the Green Lantern and all these men have shown on the big screen their ability to portray powerful, masculine, and dare I say in the case of Duke and White, heroic characters on screen. Duke would be a slam dunk considering his popularity following Black Panther, following his portrayal of M’Baku and his recent appearance in the upcoming Peele horror film Us. Michael Jai White has been a heroic character before and Abdul-Mateen II has the youthful appearance and the tenacious attitude to be a powerful Jonathan Stewart. DC you owe the fans a powerful Jonathan Stewart Green Lantern so start those casting calls.

Finally, the last film in need of a reboot is Conan. I know there is already talk of the Governator, appearing in a new Conan film, but the world needs a new face to the Barbarian. The man who crushes his enemies, watches them driven before him and laughs at the lamentation of their women, needs a new face. Conan is a classic film and one of the old guards that needs a reboot. Just off the top of my head, let’s throw out Hafthor Julius Bjornsson as one a high candidate to reprise the role. Considering, the fact that Conan is more about action than words and is notorious for being a monster of a man, why not let the world’s strongest man and the Mountain who rides, take the reins for a bit?

I hope you enjoyed this list and if your favorites didn’t make the cut, don’t worry I’m sure they’ll get their shot. In the meantime, do keep visiting we’ll always have something for you here at Horrornews.net.




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