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Top 10 Super Villains We’d Like to See in a Horror Film

Greetings creatures of the night and denizens of the deep places. Welcome once again to another special presentation from Horrornews.net courtesy of yours truly. This week I am bringing you a top ten list of villains we’d like to see in a Horror film. This list is not limited to the realm of horror, but instead it’s comprised of villains who would make horror fans salivate at their potential to be horrifying on screen. So, dim the lights and step into the realm of shadows with me little lambs.

10- Morbius the Living Vampire
Coming in at the number ten spot on this list is Morbius the Living Vampire. Morbius was formerly known as Dr. Michael Morbius, who attempted to cure his rare blood disease with a combination of electroshock therapy and an experimental treatment involving vampire bats. Those of you unfamiliar with Morbius, should know that he clashed a lot with Spiderman in Marvel Comics and that as his name suggests is afflicted with a form of pseudo-vampirism. He makes for an intriguing villain for a much darker superhero movie. A vampire who possesses none of the mystical weaknesses of a vampire, but many of their terrifying powers is a tempting storyline. Morbius has few weaknesses and is driven to feed constantly to sustain himself. He’s a horrifying cinematic wonder just waiting to happen.

09- Darkseid
The ninth spot on this list is firmly occupied by the God of Apokolips himself, Darkseid. Not only is Darkseid a living god of destruction, his sole purpose in life is to discover the anti-life equation and rid the universe of all other living beings. Darkseid destroyed his own planet to achieve his greedy ends and when you combine his desire to bring about the extinction of all other life in the universe with his vast power. Darkseid is invulnerable, immortal, possesses the power of flight and can launch Omega beams capable destroying just about anything from his eyes at will. Darkseid is a ruthless villain who will sacrifice anyone and anything to bring about our destruction.

08- Deathstroke
At the eighth spot on this list is Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson for all those Teen Titan fans out there. Deathstroke is one of the most ruthless and deadly villains ever created by DC Comics. Deathstroke was a soldier turned mercenary, who after some government experimentation gained access to a host of terrifying powers. His list of powers includes the ability to use his brain at ninety percent capacity, superhuman strength, enhanced speed, durability, mastery of nearly every weapon imaginable and mastery of military tactics. If you don’t think Deathstroke is terrifying just remember he was willing to sacrifice his own son in his games for power. Deathstroke is callous, calculating and certainly terrifying.

07- Victor Zsasz
The lucky number seven spot on this list is held by another DC villain, who was in the eyes of many fans underutilized, Victor Zsasz the tally-mark killer. Victor was a successful businessman whose life fell apart after his parents died and his business collapsed. Wandering the streets of Gotham, he was attacked by a mugger with a knife and reached an epiphany that altered his life forever. He reached the conclusion that life was meaningless and dedicated himself to liberating people from the slavery he calls life. Zsasz is the perfect horror movie villain, he’s agile, tall, and suffers from a disconnect with reality that makes him very dangerous.

06- Venom
Stealing the sixth spot on our list is Venom of the Spiderman universe. Venom has appeared in films before and is slated for another set of upcoming films, but the symbiote hasn’t been allowed to really shine in film yet. Possessing the power to overwhelm and the amplify the strengths and tendencies of its host body Venom is a horror movie waiting to happen. Venom can amplify the worst aspects of its host and use them as a vehicle for mayhem.

05- Carnage
The fifth spot on our list should be no surprise is Carnage from the Spiderman universe and another symbiote. Carnage is stronger than Venom, and possesses the power to alter the minds of others. In addition to its enhanced endurance as a symbiote, Carnage can shapeshift and can excrete a web-like substance that it can form into weapons at will. Carnage is ruthless and thrives on creating chaos. If Disney and Marvel ever want to dive into the world of horror unleash the beast of Carnage.

04- The Joker
The fourth spot on our list is occupied by the Joker from the DC universe. The Joker is one of the most iconic figures in popular culture and his rivalry with Batman has helped put DC on the map. Joker is deranged, brilliant, and has a penchant for killing just for the fun of it. He’s one of the greatest villains of all time, but more importantly he’s already scary. Horror movie directors what are you waiting for?

03- The Red Skull
At third on the list we have, the Red Skull from the Captain America universe in Marvel. The Red Skull is head of Hydra, a secret Nazi organization dedicated to world domination. Ruthless and psychotic, Red Skull has a terrifying appearance and is a brilliant tactician. Red Skull thrives on chaos and is always looking for ways to wreak havoc on the world. His access to advanced technology and massive resources make him a tantalizing target.

02- Scarecrow
The second spot on this list is occupied by another Batman Baddie Scarecrow. Scarecrow was previously a psychologist, who dedicated himself to learning about the human psyche as it pertains to fear and psychopathy. Unfortunate circumstances led him to become obsessed with fear, and he began creating and using a fear-inducing toxin on not only Batman, but anyone and everyone that he could find. He delights in terrifying the masses and drives people toward insanity. When you combine his terrifying appearance with his obsession with manipulating the minds of the masses, you’ve got a recipe for a great horror film.

01- Parallax
The final spot on this list was difficult to establish, but who better to make a horror movie with than a living embodiment of all fear in the universe? At the number one spot we have Parallax the source of the Yellow Lantern Corps’ power in the Green Lantern universe. Parallax has the power to sow fear throughout the universe and possesses a vast array of powers. He can create the fears of anyone he desires, possess people, alter the minds of entire worlds, and even manipulate time. Parallax is the perfect being for a horror film.

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