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The Most Overplayed Game! A Century of Hunting Humans on Film – Part 2

It’s time to load the crossbows and unleash the hounds for Part 2 of The Most Overplayed Game. We’re running down the endless parade of Most Dangerous Game knockoffs. After that we’ll jump in the Hum Vee for a real-life human safari. Hard Target (1993) Director John Woo’s English language debut suffered from star Jean-Claude Van Damme’s creative interference, including …

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Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967-1968)

Gerry Anderson’s, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967-1968) holds two distinctions. Firstly, it contains some of the most dazzling miniatures and special effects created for television. But it’s also one of the most violent shows to be broadcast before cable loosened the reins of censorship. Oh, did I mention Captain Scarlet was a puppet show for children? It’s a genuinely …

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It’s Not You Kong, It’s The Script: The 1976 King Kong’s Dialogue Dilemma

The 1976 King King remake often receives harsh criticism, some deserved. Undeniably, the creative team succeeded in delivering an often revisited cult film. Producer Dino De Laurentiis, director John Guillermin, and screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr. delivered a fine reimagining of the 1933 classic, a film that captivated audiences as the holiday movie release of the bicentennial year. The Me Decade’s …

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Director Ingmar Bergman – A Retrospective of His Works

Horror News is mostly devoted to horror as a definable separate genre, that is, to films that draw upon (and occasionally expand) an existing tradition. Most of the directors and writers who work in this field are very conscious of belonging to a generic tradition. But fantasies and nightmares can be created by anybody, and it sometimes happens that directors …

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Pleasure and Revenge in the Theatre of Blood (1973)

“And where the offense is, let the great axe fall.” –William Shakespeare, Hamlet. Art takes many forms, including performance. If there is no such thing as bad art, as some profess, is there such a thing as a bad theatrical performance? Yes. And the affirmation comes without subjective discourse. When a performance undermines the audience’s suspension of disbelief, it’s not …

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Horror Remakes: The Ones That Worked!

By following the most successful horror films in history, Hollywood remakes ultimately have a thankless task. Some manage to re-enact the spirit of the original with new special effects and creative plot twists, while others fall alarmingly short, providing tiresome makeovers without any real thought. Here are three that worked, just in time for Halloween: Dawn of the Dead Remaking …

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Burnt Flowers Fallen: Remembering Peter Steele and Type O Negative

Tuesday, April 14th marks the 11-year anniversary of the passing of one of rock’s most unique and charismatic frontmen. But, unless follow the metal or goth scenes, you might not even realize it. I’m speaking of the late, great Peter Steele: the mordant, towering, self-deprecating frontman of Type O Negative- one of heavy metal’s most ingenious and underrated bands. Emerging …

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40 Years of Werewolves: Happy Anniversary to The Howling

40 Years of Werewolves Happy Anniversary to The Howling April 10, 2021 This is the impact THE HOWLING has had. There have been plenty of werewolf related films over the years. The Wolfman, Ginger Snaps, Wolf Cop, Dog Soldiers (2002), Cursed, Blood & Chocolate, Late Phases, Bad Moon, Silver Bullet, Teen Wolf, An American Werewolf in London, WolfCop II, Monster …

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Morbid Innovator: How Grant Morrison Made a Place for the Macabre in Batman and Comic Book History

Undoubtedly, Bruce Wayne/Batman has undergone the most drastic change throughout his illustrious and brooding history of perhaps any other major comic book character. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger for the March, 1939 issue of Detective Comics, Batman was all but destined for fame as a morose, gothic, morally-ambiguous figure- an image that wouldn’t be fully realized until the …

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Too Much Horror Business! – The Impact of Horror on Rock Music

Since its inception as a veritable facet of culture, horror has left its macabre imprint on just about every conceivable art form, from painting to sculpture to literature to film. Even classical composers like J.S. Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi, Béla Bartók, and Richard Wagner used horror as a basis for their work: images of Hell and damnation, Armageddon, …

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