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Scariest Horror Films

I’m willing to bet that “scariest horror films” has been uttered or searched for at least once in every horror fans lifetime. If your like me, it was literally several times a year hoping that a new titles would pop out that didn’t include the words “The Exorcist”. (That being meant in a somewhat sarcastic tone) The 1 film that “always” gets mentioned at tables, like someone just discovered the “wheel” (yunno, the drill………… “oh man for me it was “The Exorcist” that freeeeeeked me out“….(ya me 2, Columbus…and the world isn’t flat either)

Now as a horror site, we of course have to have at least one of those lists floating around. Ours…(or should I say mine personally) was this list “The Top 20 Scariest Horror films” of all time. Knowing full well that I nailed it on a few on maybe not so much on a few others, it just originates from perspective. What works for me, with the qualifying trait of being an expert at watching…simple enough.

Credibility comes when a well know author cites his or her favorites. That magic Stephen King list or selections from Clive Barker…..however despite the fact that they have chosen their “scariest horror films“, we may still disagree with he selections.

So my advice, check out our list and then compare it to a few dozen others. Once you’ve watched all the films on the lists, grab a sheet of paper and narrow down your own.

You may notice that “age bracket factor” work its way into your perspective. Folks who grew up in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s may differ in what is deemed scary than those of 90s’ 2000’s….guaranteed. I know quite a few that feel “The Exorcist” looks too dated or old school to really make an impact…true story. They might cite “The Others” as “their” scary horror film.

Another case in point…”Salem’s Lot“. We old timers felt that film when it was still worth feeling. Younger kids…..well, they might find “Mark” scratching at the window (was it Mark?) a bit silly. “Dawn of the Dead” (the original)…pretty freaky at the time. Today, maybe they find “The Walking Dead” more suitable or just “fast zombies” in particular.

Friday the 13th” (1980)…yep, tense as hell. Today? Kevin Bacon’s in a horror film (what do mean that’s lame??). Oh, the older days, good times

Blair Witch Project“…I think most don’t want to admit to this silly verite film being scary, but at the time it seemed to work for alot of viewers.

Anyways, grab a chair, rent some titles, maybe pick a few from our “scariest horror films” list and let see what sticks!

Scariest Horror Films


  1. Just so you know, it was Ralphie Glick who was scratching at the window in Salem’s Lot. Mark was the main character who ended up surviving in the end and not getting turned into a vampire.

  2. friday the 13th halloween texas chainsaw massacre sleepaway camp some of the scariest horror films of all time.



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