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The 10 Best Halloween Horror Films

We at HorrorNews.net, know that tis the season to pull out the Halloween themed greats that focus on the Halloween season itself. There isn’t alot of movies that fit the bill, but these will definitely do the trick. Since Nosferatu (1922) rose from his coffin in GM Munreau’s classic silent movie of Dracula, cinematographers have loved to scare the pants off of …

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Scariest Horror Films

I’m willing to bet that “scariest horror films” has been uttered or searched for at least once in every horror fans lifetime. If your like me, it was literally several times a year hoping that a new titles would pop out that didn’t include the words “The Exorcist”. (That being meant in a somewhat sarcastic tone) The 1 film that …

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List of Serial Killer Horror Movies

10 Rillington Place A Blade in the Dark APT A Samba for Sherlock A Stranger Is Watching Absurd Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer Albert Fish Alice, Sweet Alice Almost Human Alone in the Dark (1982 film) Amaravathi (2009 film) American Psycho American Psycho 2 Amusement Anguish Antibodies Antropophagus Apology …

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Horror Filmmaker Lia Scott Price Releases Trailer for her Vampire Film Short “PRA/EY”

Torrance, CA. “PRA/EY” is Vampire film producer Lia Scott Price’s latest horror film short which will feature her Vampire Guardian Angels, characters from her vampire trilogy novel and comic book series. In “PRA/EY”, Price also stars as a woman in a mental hospital who tries to convince a psychiatrist (Jennifer Cannon) not to pray to a Guardian Angel (Brandon Murphy …

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Top 10 Phrases said or Screamed while watching a Horror Film

We’ve all done it, sometimes even in a theater. No, not THAT. I’m talking about saying or screaming different phrases while watching a horror movie. These phrases may be something as simple as whispering under your breath or yelling at the top of your lungs in a crowded movie theater.  Most of these random outbursts are during a really horrible horror movie when …

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