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Top 10 Best Horror / SciFi TV Series of the Last Decade (2000’s)

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Hey it’s list time again. This round up consists of the top televised series that fall into the horror /sci genres. Series like the variety of Star Trek, Stargate and Battlestar Galactica off shoots were not included as to be quite frank I never watched them. But I like to think as these as the ones that fall into the fantastical….some more horror driven than others. To be fair, I’ve included some special mention ones also that didn’t quite make the list.

(Not in any particular order)

FRINGE: (2008)
Fringe is our X-files for the 2000’s. It did try and change the formula a bit but we all know its carrying forward on a slightly derived premise. In any case…who cares…its great TV and introduces all sort of paranormal fringe science plots that are just a fantastic ride. The odd mix of characters seemed misplaced at first but have finally found a rhythm that works. The aspect of parallel dimensions is true fringe science that deserves a place in our thoughts even if presented as fiction.


Never has it been better. Sure, you got the 2 brothers who could moonlight as models …however now on its 5th season there is no denying that this is one bad ass series. Above that is a great writing team that seems to top each season with another level of heaven / hell scenarios. Number 5 marks the last run of this fine TV show…… but hell has never looked so better! Previous seasons are filled with creatures, legends and demon ware fare. There is alot of material here that is beyond exceptional.

HEROES: (2006)
TV never looked so good. Heroes is a plot within plots within plots. I pity the fool who starts this show without catching previous seasons. Visuals and hero powers are top notch cinema quality. Quite a ride of intertwining stories, backgrounds and drama. I haven’t missed an episode, even though every death we joke about that Hiro can always go back in time and rectify it….if the writers so choose to. Fantastic TV!

Sanctuary may come off odd at times but you can’t beat a team that hunts down monsters and creatures to collect in its warehouse. Season 1 was dynamic and really got its motion after awhile. Season 2 ….we are all wondering about if it can pull itself back up to par. Hopefully so….so that season 3 gets a green light…Oh ya, bring back Ashley!

V: (2009)
Upon this article we are only into episode 4. V looks promising though. It also gives us a fresh sci fi scenario to look forward to. Somehow its timing feels right as the paranoia of change, aliens and a movement into the future is more heavily on our minds than ever. “V” looks to be a winner!

LIFE ON MARS: (2008)
Not horror…but indeed 70’s meets science fiction meets 70’s.
The cancellation of “Life on Mars” is indeed a loss to television with its cleverly written episodes wrapped around a larger picture. Upon watching I got the same feeling as when I used to watch the “Land of the Lost” series and hoped that the characters would finally find their way home. It’s final episode was sad, indeed …mainly because it all came to an end. However, the finale really brought closure to an ongoing mystery that had me fooled right up to the last scene. One of my all time favorite short lived series.

The revamped bionic Woman was pretty cool. I believe it suffered greatly due to the writers strike which forced it into the lost momentum spiral. 8 episodes in… and it was pulled forever. Its’ a shame as it had great potential and could have grown over time.

REAPER: (2007)
Quite hilarious at times backed by a great cast with even greater chemistry. The premise is absurd and that’s what made it work. Sam is a lackey for the devil who owns his soul. By the unfortunate circumstances of his parents signing over his soul, he now has to chase and collect escaped demons and bring them back to hell. With 2 seasons, the show grew into all sorts of subplots and cool visual showcases. Ray Wise plays the perfect Satan in a series that hopefully will get green lit for its 3rd season.

THE OTHERS: (2000)
This one just slipped into the decade by a hair. A personal favorite of mine that is probably the most coolest series that never got a proper DVD release. 13 episodes in total were created of which a few were out of order. A team of physics and paranormalists gather to solve cases and supernatural events. Think of it as the A-team of metaphysics. For TV, many of the episodes were not only edgy but frightening at times backed by a good solid FX team to put this series above the norm. Even now, these episodes are hard to come by in proper format for fans of the series. I’d sure love to see this one given its due respect.

LOST: (2004)
After an out of the ordinary plane crash, 48 survivors are stranded on a Pacific Island and forced to cope with the island’s secrets, including the Dharma Initiative, the ‘Lost Numbers’, the “others” (or hostiles) and the strange black smoke. It becomes apparent that everyone is connected in some way and that everyone has a purpose to live on the island… and for some, to die. Outstanding, intelligent, and layered writing, there are multiple mysteries here and for every answer we get, more questions emerge. The island is dangerous, beautiful, creepy, and undeniably intriguing. It’s like a character unto itself. The series won a Golden Globe. Another 48 wins & 159 nominations.


Easily hands down the best horror series ever. Though by being limited to pay for TV it was only accessible to most viewers thru rentals and purchases. There is so much great material within season one and 2 it deserves an article on its own. Great stories, great visuals, and a smattering of great directors behind them.

TRUE BLOOD: (2008)
TRUE BLOOD is based on the series of novels written by Charlaine Harris. The series was originally known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries, but has since come to be better known as The Sookie Stackhouse novels. The premise is that a Japanese corporation has successfully created artificial blood, a product so like the real thing that vampires, previously relegated to feeding off humans in the dark, come “out of the coffin” and into society, intent on living off the new fake blood.

The HBO series centers on Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a telepathic waitress at a bar, who falls in love with vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). It’s sexy, witty, and completely brutal. And can I just add that this show has my all time favorite opening credits. It is filled with one astonishing image after another all to a wonderfully appropriate song by country performer Jace Everett entitled “Bad Things.” It isn’t the masterpiece that BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER was, but I don’t think Alan Ball set his sights that high. While Joss Whedon strove in BUFFY to create an icon and redefine television narrative, Ball just seems to want to tell a compelling story filled with memorable moments. “True Blood” is like nothing else on TV, and that should be reason alone to tune in Sundays. The first season received critical acclaim and won several awards, including one Golden Globe and an Emmy.

DEXTER: (2006)
Dexter has reigned by far a fav among fans. I can’t comment entirely on it as I never got around to the whole series. It’s only downfall …it being an ShowTime series so you had to buy the series to watch it by year end. Wikipedia has th e following synopsis:

Dexter is an American television drama series that airs on the premium channel Showtime. Set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a serial killer who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood splatter analyst. The show is based on characters created by Jeff Lindsay for his series of Dexter novels. It was adapted for television by Emmy Award-winning screenwriter James Manos, Jr., who wrote the pilot episode.

Special mentions: ones that still had cool ideas but didn’t make the list:

I had hoped for this one to blow us away. I wouldn’t call it totally original either though it did have a special “Constantine” type charm to it. That annoying ghost friend aid just killed it for me. Though the series had some nice horror / scifi type perks.

I think this series got a bad rap as a whole, however it “did” have some episodes that were of first class mention. We heard the stories about networks interfering, rush jobs and episodes that never aired so I’m including it for the potential it “had” rather than as a overall great series.

WAREHOUSE 13: (2009)
Well lets see – 2 Secret Service agents with a Mulder and Scully like relationship…hmmm. They are assigned to hunt odd supernatural charged relics and store them in a warehouse out in the desert. Not a bad series. I actually enjoy it on many levels…just don’t love it. If you have time to kill its still worth watching as a series.

Top 10 Best Horror / SciFi TV Series of the Last Decade

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