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Fringe Realities & Beyond

It’s Joyhorror once again exploring the impossibilities of the possible. Last time out I mentioned the Fringe finale and the image of the World Trade Center shown in an Alternate Reality. Is the concept of a Parallel Universe that far fetched? What exactly is a Parallel Universe? It is reality as we know it – but it’s a little different.

It’s like sliding doors. In one reality, one decision shapes your entire future. In a different reality, the opposite decision could change everything and completely separate the identities of you and your alternate reality counterpart. Reality A – You’re a nice guy. Reality B – You’re a murderer. It’s like Alice in Wonderland. Who the f*ck is on the other side of that looking glass. The possibilities are scary in a serious way. Reality A – We suffer through 9/11. Reality B – The Towers are still standing. Think about all the decisions that we make on a daily basis. If a different decision was made it would alter our future and alter what we know as reality. In other words, You are exactly the same person in both reality A and reality B , but a single decision of left turn or right turn can create the possibility of two alternate realities for the same person.

It’s all about cause and effect. You will never know about the decisions you make in the Parallel Universe. It will be you making the decisions, just sometimes different decisions. The other YOU – in your alternate reality might live longer or die sooner than you in this reality. I’m throwing around two specific terms, “alternate reality“ and “parallel universe“. Those terms can almost be interchangeable. There are differences. Parallel Universe is definitely a more broader term and depending who you talk to, could mean a reality nothing like our own. Multiverse.

Now, this is where things can get complicated. Multiverse is a group of parallel universes. Meaning another decision has been made. You turn left , you turn right, you go straight , you go backwards. These are all separate decisions that spin your reality in four different directions, into a Multiverse. The count of “you” is irrelevant but for our purposes here, the example is you have four alternate realities where YOU live, all of which are completely self-contained. Wow, that’s heavy stuff.

In the science fiction of Fringe, Agent Dunham was able to pass from one reality to another alternate reality, simply by stepping foot on an elevator. There are real studies about the subject. If a parallel universe is out there, can we really get to it? It has been suggested that Black Holes are the answer. Last edition of Unexplained, I mentioned that the Black Hole in the M87 galaxy is now said to be twice as large as scientists once thought. What is a Black Hole? Let’s review. Just as in the movie The Black Hole, it’s a giant whirlpool in space thats power is matched by nothing. It’s gravitational pull is so powerful that not even light can escape.

Once any form of matter or radiation is within a certain distance from the Hole’s center, it will be sucked in, torn apart and complete obliterated. There are some scientific minds that have a somewhat different idea of what might be happening. Thibault Damour (France) and Sergey Solodukhin (Germany) make the observation that Black Holes might instead be Wormholes. A Wormhole would look exactly the same as a Black Hole, but instead of the end result being total destruction, the end result could be transportation. These wormholes could act as portals to Parallel Universes. A Wormhole has at least two mouths which connect to a single throat and is essentially a shortcut through space and time.

The difference between a Black Hole and a Wormhole is that the Wormhole does not have an Event Horizon.

Event Horizon is the boundary around a black hole on and within which no matter or radiation can escape. Now, a controversial issue proposed by Stephen Hawking is the Black Hole Information Paradox. It suggests that information can be destroyed. That theory violates a standard tenet of science in that information can not be destroyed. But, if it’s not a Black Hole and instead it’s really a wormhole, then matter and information could in fact be transported through time and space, not destoryed. It could be the link that is missing for us to be able to contact the past, the future, or an alternate present. Questions about Black Holes continue to rage on, especially now that we are discovering more about them as our technology increases. Black Hole or Wormhole? I don’t know, but I think the questions that can be brought up about the subject are endless.

Science Fiction has no shortage of material here. While matter and information may or may not be destroyed by a Black Hole, the fictional or not so fictional wormhole could prove to be a gateway into the beyond. It could, in fact, be the intergalactic highway to another dimension. It could be the wormhole that brings you right back to the same reality or just maybe, it could bring you to an alternate reality where the other version of YOU is living a completely different life. The wormhole could also bring you to an unfamiliar place. It could bring you to a much darker parallel universe. We can’t rule out the possibility that the evolutionary scale was not so friendly to the human race. You need only look at cinematic examples that include Planet of the Apes, Mad Max, Waterworld, or Escape of New York. I suddenly have a strong desire to watch old Dr. Who episodes. The Tom Baker years. “Time Lord” Joyhorror has a nice ring to it.

One of the most interesting depictions of a parallel universe is DC comics creation of Bizarro World. It’s a completely backwards planet called Htrae ( Earth spelled backwards ). While our Earth is circular, Htrae is a cube shape planet. It’s sun is blue, as our sun is yellow. It’s the home of Bizarro Superman. He is the exact opposite of Superman. While Superman is devoted to good, Bizarro Superman is devoted to crime. I’ve always thought this is next logical step for the Superman movie franchise. I would even go as far as calling the movie, “Bizarro Superman”. Moondog agrees. He just wants to see the backwards “S” as the movie poster. It would be cool. While I’m not the biggest Superman mark, I would like to see someone do a kick ass Superman movie.

The three big super heros are Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. God knows, Batman and Spiderman have had it’s share of extreme success over the last couple of years. I’m of the opinion the the Superman movie franchise died along side of Christopher Reeves. It’s not too late. I think with the right director this has summer blockbuster written all over it. Now, Bizarro Superman has been portrayed several different ways through the years but I think my favorite Bizarro Superman is the grey monster type look. He always reminded me of Frankenstein with a cape.

Bizarro World wasn’t just home for a backwards Superman. Bizarro World is home for the alternate versions Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White. There are bizarro versions of other super heros too. Example: Green Lantern is Yellow Lantern. The DC comic universe really has a hold on what a true parallel universe could be.

Bizarro Superman


All these questions. If your alternate reality self passes away, where does his spirit go? Do the dead from all alternate realities meet up in Heaven? Or… does a parallel universe affect the afterlife as well? Does the possibility of two Earths automatically mean 2 Heavens and 2 Hells? This automatically brings up the question of Science vs. Religion. If an alternate reality really does exist, was it created by our God or alternate God? Stay tuned to Unexplained Confidential for the answers to these impossible questions.

In other news, HorrorNews design changes look awesome! I’m happy to hear the “Monster of the Week” column will live on, as I think it’s the column that has the most potential. I don’t know who the new writer will be but if I get some time, I’ll work on a monster submission. I don’t know what kind of free time I’m going to have as I really want to focus on the INTERVIEW section right now and built it up some more. I’ve got some good contacts over at Warner Brothers that have already paid off and I’m looking to get in good with a few of the other movie studios, so when interviews are available – they think HorrorNews as a media contender that will push their film. Later this summer, MonsterMania 13 hits Cherry Hill, NJ with a screamin’ line up of horror attractions.

It’s so cool being only 10 minutes away from a really cool Horror Con. I’m going to be there representing HN and hopefully getting some blood splattered good coverage. If you haven’t already heard , John Landis (An American Werewolf in London) is in the house. Maybe I’ll bring my Blue Brothers LP. Ha! Now, Moondog is excited about this next guest. In this first con ever, John Astin ( Gomez from the original Addams Family tv series ) will be rockin’ the joint. I’m bringing Hand. Derek Mears ( New Jason Voorhees ) from Friday the 13th is going to be on hand. FYI – I have an interview with Derek Mears over in the INTERVIEW section if you want to take a peak.

I’m looking forward to talking with Derek again. Another cool guest, Dick Miller ( Gremlins ) will be at the tables. Michael Biehn ( Terminator ) , Dee Wallace ( The Howling ) , Barbara Steele ( Dark Shadows ) are all on the list as well. They have also announced a SLEEPAWAY CAMP reunion. Now, for those of you who know me, then you know that I’m not just a horror fan. I’m also a pro wrestling fan from way back. So, this next guest has a double meaning. George “ The Animal “ Steele ( Ed Wood ) will be there tearing up the autograph room. I’m getting my picture taken with George and with any luck he’ll have a few comments for HorrorNews. Check out www.monstermania.net  

While on topic, it doesn’t sound like a half bad idea to come up with a list of horror movies that involve professional wrestlers.

(10) Glen Jacobs (aka Kane in the WWE) – See No Evil

(9) Mil Mascarus – Mil Mascarus vs. The Aztec Mummy

(8) Rey Misterio Sr. – Wrestlemaniac

(7) The Rock – The Mummy 2 & The Scorpion King

(6) HHH – Blade : Trinity

(5) Andre the Giant as Bigfoot – Six Million Dollar Man television series

(4) Jesse “The Body” Ventura – Predator

(3) George “The Animal” Steele – Ed Wood

(2) Diamond Dallas Page – The Devil’s Rejects

(1) Rowdy Roddy Piper – They Live

I’m sure I’m probably missing a really good horror movie with a wrestler in it but this list is off the top of my head. Actually, I think in the original 1933 King Kong , at least some of those guys playing tug of war with Kong were real wrestlers. I think one might have wrestled as The French Angel but I might be mistaken. He was the dude with the abnormal looking head. Any wrestling historians reading this, please feel free to correct me. Actually, It might not have even been King Kong, It could have been Mighty Joe Young that I’m thinking of. I was going to put The Princess Bride with Andre the Giant but I’d say that’s more fantasy and doesn’t really belong on a horror list.

International UFO Symposium

On Aug. 6 – 9, 2009 MUFON celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary in Denver, Colorado. There will be field investigation workshops for anyone interested. Special guests include: Stanton Friedman, Bruce Maccabee, Frank Salisbury, John Greenewald, Peter Robbins, John Ventre, Marc D’Antonio, Kevin Randle, Ted Phillips, Jeffrey Bennett, Chris Rutkowski, James Carrion. You’ll get a chance to learn from MUFON members: Witness Interview Techniques, Field Work Basics, Field Investigator Equipment, and Astronomy 101 for Field Investigators.

Joyhorror – Yo, did you hear about Jimmy Chickenlegs?

Moondog – No

Joyhorror – Ever hear of SHC?

Moondog – yeah, pause…… um no, what is it ?

Joyhorror – spontaneous human combustion

Moondog – what ? That smack happened to Jimmy?

Joyhorror – he was standing in line at the Acme to buy a bottle of Pepto and poof.

Moondog – poof?

Joyhorror – yeah, the dude just burst into flames right there in the middle of checkout

Moondog – and he was buying pepto?

Joyhorror – apparently he said he was feeling gassy all day

Moondog – that’s messed up

Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)

It’s when the human body without any outside factors unexpectedly bursts into flames. While it’s been a phenomenon that is so infrequent that scientists really haven’t had the opportunity to study the cause and effect. Honestly, the entire myth of SHC has fallen under some criticism. Often investigations show that there are outside factors ( such as cigarettes ) that could have been the source of ignition. It looks like there have been about 200 documented cases of people spontaneously catching on fire. These records date back as far as 300 years ago.

This is definitely one of those unexplained events that make you question the human body. Is it really possible to just be standing in line at the local grocery store and in a second go up in smoke? The body does produce gases. Some of us at times produce more gas than others, or so it seems. Could our diet be a direct link to spontaneous human combustion? I’m curious what these people ate leading up to when they caught a blaze. There are so many questions that still need answers on this subject. Does anyone know of any movies that tackle this subject matter?

Hey Yo,

Thanks for stopping by again my old friends. I’m going to have more PARANORMAL hub-bub next time out. Comments are always appreciated. You can contact me directly at joyhorror@horrornews.net

Reasons to contact me:

If you are in the paranormal community and would like your organization featured on the HorrorNews “ Unexplained Confidential “ column.
If you are a director, actor, or in the horror industry and you would like to be interviewed and featured over in the HorrorNews “Interview” section.
If you would like to recommend a video to by featured on our HorrorNews “ Video Madness “ column.

Later F’N’ Later,

Originally posted 2009


  1. Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live is a jewel. That’s a movie that never grows old. I get chills thinking of what he saw printed on the money.


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