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Marketing Macabre Top Ten News Stories May / June 2021

Marketing Macabre Top Ten News Stories May / June 2021


Coming this fall, Geno McGahee’s long awaited return to film comes in the form of RISE OF THE SCARECROWS: HELL ON EARTH. Written and Directed by Geno McGahee, Produced by Pete Baez, Gregory Hatanaka and Xposse Productions, the filming has begun. The film is expected to be released in October and will be distributed by Cinema Epoch and Cineridge Entertainment. Recently the teaser trailer has been unleashed, giving a taste of what’s to come from this team and this production… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE

9. Night of the Living Dead adaptation REBIRTH available now from Midnight Releasing

Roger Conners’ REBIRTH starring Aswan Harris, Rachel Anderson, Alvin Hudson, and Roger Conners is available today on Amazon Prime, Microsoft, Apple, iTunes, and Fandango from Midnight Releasing… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE 

8. Puzzle Box Horror – Releases “Anna Byrne Issue #1” with Horror Hub Marketplace

Puzzle Box Horror releases new comic series Anna Byrne #1. Available for order now at Horror Hub Marketplace.  Something is different about Anna. Something has always felt different but she never really knew why. Since almost drowning at the age of 7 Anna developed a macabre obsession with the supernatural. Anna is drawn to haunted locations that she cannot explain, until now. In the first issue of Anna Byrne we follow Anna to the haunted Heceta Head Lighthouse where she meets an unexpected companion, learns about her connection to the underworld and faces one of her worst nightmares… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE 

7. Get Ready For MIND GAMES From The Jalbert Brothers on July 4th

Super producers Brian Jalbert and Jake Jalbert are at it again with their new movie Mind Games. This time they teamed up with New Terrain Ent. owned by Jadon Cal Fitzpatrick. In this newest twist the team put together an awesome thrill ride that keeps people on the edge of their seats with an crazy reveal at the end… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE 

6. Official Poster: JUNE 9 – The Unbelievable Story of the Horrors of Helltown, Ohio

Here is the OFFICIAL POSTER for “JUNE 9” about five teenagers known as “The Boston Mills 5” who went missing on June 9, 1999 and the horrific events that followed in a place called Helltown, Ohio… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE 

5. Breakout Movie, The Alien Report, Releasing As U.S. Pentagon Scrambles To Understand Real Alien Phenomena

If you’ve been following the news this month, the United States Pentagon has confirmed strange, alien phenomena in our skies. Congress has demanded all government related U.F.O documents be handed over in the next 180 days. For anyone wondering if this is fact or fiction, it’s fact… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE

4. Sneak Peek: Vice vs. Vampyres Radio Play – A scary, exciting Cop Story with a Vampyre Twist!

Mountain Fire Media offers a sneak peek at the new horror radio play, “Vice vs. Vampyres”.
A slightly shady team of Vice Cops on the run try to take down a White Slavery Ring only to discover it is run by a den of bored, Old World style Vampyres delighted to have new playthings… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE

3. Horror Thriller ‘Hounded’ from Author Ellie Douglas

Author Ellie Douglas book HOUNDED is the first of a three part serial horror thriller and it’s available now on Amazon. When Calloway Foster woke up on that fateful morning, he never expected the coming day to be a deathblow to life on Earth. Nothing could have prepared him for one of the world’s most loved species turning into the raging Undead. Four-legged zombies were now running rampant everywhere he turned – insatiably hungry, intelligent, and merciless to the humans struggling to survive… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE 

2. Death Breed is a treat from Bayview Entertainment this Halloween

Ben and Stacey Dixon’s Horror Anthology DEATH BREED is being released this Halloween season from Bayview Entertainment. The biggest icons of the horror genre come together for three tales of terror… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE 

1. Official Release of “Family Splatters” Pilot Episode | Watch Now!

Nick Damage has released the pilot episode of his adult horror-comedy, “Family Splatters”. You can watch it today on KultKult.com or Youtube.  The show focuses on Matthew Silverstein and Roddy Luger: two of the most notorious slasher movie stars of the 1980’s. After a short stint in Hell starting in 1993, Roddy and Matthew are banished to the year 2021 as punishment. Unaware of ways that the world has changed since the 80’s and early 90’s, Roddy and Matthew have to adjust to new technologies, unfamiliar ideas, and new cultural norms around killing people… READ COMPLETE ARTICLE



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