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New Trailer! Vice Vs Vampyres Teaser – Feature Radio Play

 MountainFire Media, LLC



“The Badge meets the Bite”

An Original Radio Play 

Written and Directed by

Brad Havens

The Story So Far: Joe and his Team of wayward Vice Cops take one last shot at redemption when they take on a White Slavery Ring operating out of a night club, only to discover it is operated by a Den of Old World Vampyres!

It’s time for Vampyres to be the Monsters they always were – Savage, Sophisticated & nearly Immortal! What better way to demonstrate their power than pitting them against a Team of desperate Vice Cops willing to bend the Law to save their own skins?

Two very different types of Predators locked in a deadly Game of Survival – it’s Kill or be Killed with only one chance at Escape

70 minutes of genre bending non-stop Action Suspense and Horror for Fans of Audio Entertainment everywhere! Commercial Free, complete MP3 Digital File of the Feature Radio Play, the complete Soundtrack and more available for Direct Download:




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