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Marketing Macabre: Horror Marketing Service for the Horror Genre

Hey there HNN readers!

We just wanted to take quick moment to call out a new section to our site featuring the horror public relations company “Marketing Macabre”. Marketing Macabre is a 3rd party operation led by HNN manager Mike Joy to help horror films and studios with their promotions and public relations. The link provided has been created to answer most of your questions along with the new Horrornews.net initiative “HNN Presents“.

Both services are worth visit to determine if it’s a fit for your new production or horror content needs. Please do not email HNN directly. This service is provided as a independent operation that works alongside HNN.

If you are need of campaigns, advice, or promotions, make sure to drop them a line!

Where do we see this evolving?

HNN covers all aspects of horror and horror content. We have been active since 2008 and have survived the arrivals and closures of countless competitors and new sites that continue to emerge and disappear. HNN continues to cover as much horror content as we can find time to fit it, despite the saturation of press today. We have always presented content as a free service to readers who like us, like hearing about what’s new in the genre. We also continue to review as many films as we can, despite the fact that they arrive easily 10-1 (1 being the reviewer capacity to review them)

HNN Presents” is a new branding initiative supporting the same genre we believe in.

Marketing Macabre, is a service to help horror productions get off the ground

Stop by and Drop them a line!

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