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Jennifer Lopez: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Jennifer Lopez, who most would agree is one of the hardest working women in show business has had quite the illustrious career. A dancer, singer, model, and actress amount to a full package entertainer from this gal.

Jennifer has also managed to keep her free time occupied as a business owner and fashion designer. It’s a wonder she “even” has time to grant us the occasional photo shoot in between.

You’ve come to the right place as we love to feature actresses who provide the world eye candy while also crossing over into the TV/movie side of things (especially on the horror side). Jennifer Lopez is one our few features that originates from Puerto Rican roots. She continues to try new things while always being the must see entertainer to catch on TV.

Getting back to her movie contributions, Lopez has got a resume that scrolls a few pages long. Several of those are TV series offerings in addition to some really great treats along the way.

Starting with the earlier film “U-Turn“, she played the role of Grace McKenna while helping to catapult this Oliver Stone film into cult status among movie watchers. “Anaconda“, while often regarded as a flop, was anything but that (in my opinion). A ensemble cast with Lopez playing Terri Flores made for a great repeat-watch snake-horror epic (to this day, I strangely never tire of repeat watchings of this quirky big snake opus).

Moving on to even greater cult film offerings, she was essential to the creepy horror mind-f*ck of a horror film titled: “The Cell“, where she starred as character Catherine Deane. A serial killer-fantasy film that has been on my top 10 list for decades.

In addition to dramas and comedic films, Jennifer has probably contributed mostly to the video music category with numerous hits and dance videos to her name. While it’s probably not likely to see her in any more snake monster films, we surely love the one she did give us at least 1.

So if you are like most, you are probably scrolling past our introduction just to get to the beauty shots, and low and behold have we got a bunch for ya!

It is a please to deliver a set of Jennifer Lopez’s Hottest Sexiest Photo collection images for your enjoyment. We celebrate her work in addition to the lovely photo sessions she took time to grant us. Enjoy the batch below, the era of Jennifer Lopez is in full swing!

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