Film Review: Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales (2014)


SYNOPSIS: From Master of Horror Tom Holland, comes a brand new horror anthology, TOM HOLLAND’S TWISTED TALES. REVIEW: Oh boy. this is gonna be a challenge to review. First of all, I love anthology horrors. Each little snippet a morality tale of some sort, speaking to the basic evils of humanity – vanity, greed, lust, etc. Always a good time, right?

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Interview: Amber Benson


MJ: What attracted you to the “One Eyed Monster” script ? AB: The script for One-Eyed Monster made me laugh out loud. That happens so rarely these days that I knew I had to be a part of it. MJ: How is Ron Jeremy to work with ? AB: Ron is seriously one of the nicest guys around. I got to do a couple of scenes with him (and not just his, uhm, member) in … Continue reading