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Interview: Amber Benson

MJ: What attracted you to the “One Eyed Monster” script ?

AB: The script for One-Eyed Monster made me laugh out loud. That happens so rarely these days that I knew I had to be a part of it.

MJ: How is Ron Jeremy to work with ?

AB: Ron is seriously one of the nicest guys around. I got to do a couple of scenes with him (and not just his, uhm, member) in the film and he was an absolute doll.


MJ: Are you a fan of the adult movie industry ?

AB: While I don’t really watch p*rn, myself, I am a fan of the adult film stars that I’ve met and worked with. Every one of them has been incredibly sweet, easy to work with, and dedicated to making One-Eyed Monster as good a film as it could possibly be.

MJ: Do you have a favorite scene in the movie ?

AB: Any scene with Veronica Hart is a favorite, because, honestly, I think she steals the whole movie.

MJ: This movie just sounds like a blast , do you have any “fun” behind the scene stories ?

AB: Having a giant, blood-thirsty mold of Ron Jeremey’s penis on my shoulder was the highlight of the whole shoot for me.

MJ: This movie pays homage to horror classics, “Alien” and “The Thing” . Do you have a favorite horror film ?

AB: I am a huge fan of Rosemary’s Baby.

MJ: How was it working with director, Adam Fields ?

AB: Adam and his brothers were great to work with. One-Eyed Monster was their passion project and they worked very hard to bring it to the screen. I am honored that I got to play a part in making the film come alive.

MJ: I heard a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie might be in the works . Have you been contacted to be part of that project ?

AB: I’m out of the loop on that one. Sorry. But I definitely think there is a huge audience of very dedicated Buffy fans that would love to see a film version happen, myself included.

MJ: What other projects are your currently working on ?

AB: I have a supernatural chicklit book called “Death’s Daughter” that is available now at your local bookstore and I just co-directed a film with Adam Busch called “Drones” that will be hitting the festival circuit next year.

MJ: And lastly, do you believe in extraterrestrials ?

AB: Sure, why not.

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