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Book Review: Slaughterhouse High – Author Robert Devereaux


Bizarro fiction is an interesting idea if you think about it. Especially if you’ve finished reading Slaughterhouse High written by Robert Devereaux, who has a talent in the bizarre factor. The novel is in every word gory, disgusting, revolting and any other good word used to describe how entertaining this story was. I enjoyed it for its creativeness and brutality. The characters were likable. The kills were creative. This is the type of novel that … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion – Author Lia Scott Price


The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion Darkness is what drives them. I never thought I would be saying that about Angels, the ones in Lia Scott Price’s Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels. The tome which I have read contains three stories: The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion. Lia has done something unique and fresh with her stories. While the vampire phenomenon suffered a fatal blow with the tragedy of Twilight, true vampire fans have felt betrayed … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cosmic Forces – Author Greg Lamberson


Cosmic Forces – Author Greg Lamberson Heaven and Hell. A private eye who’s had enough with supernatural phenomena. This is the third volume in Gregory Lamberson’s Jake Helman Files series and boy was this one hell of a read! Having read Gregory’s previous novels, I knew what I was in store for with the third volume of his supernatural horror private eye series. Gregory manages to take a turn and pay a certain homage to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Desperate Souls – Author Gregory Lamberson


Once again, Gregory Lamberson has written a page turner. Desperate Souls is a unique book that delves into supernatural thrills and chills and war against drug lords. I don’t want to spoil the story for those who are reading this review, but if you have read Gregory’s previous novels, you’ll have a pretty good idea what is in store. This is perhaps one of the most original stories about supernatural events that I have ever … Continue reading

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Comic Review: TerrorKlowns – Issue 1


TERRORKLOWNS Issue 1 Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the circus…there comes a time where not enough good horror comics and novels and any other related entertainment is not out there. Well, from the twisted mind of one individual who has promised to bring us something extraordinary, he did just that. What started as a Vlog on YouTube turned into something unexpected and exciting. The author is Jarrod L. Dodson. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horror Library Vol 4 – Editor R. J. Cavender


HORROR LIBRARY  VOL 4 It’s that time again. Another review from me, what may I present to thee? Glad you asked. Horror Library Volume 4! The latest installment to the Horror Library series. The stories contained are far more scarier and downright disgusting. Normal people can’t read this, they don’t have the stomachs to, or are more of wimps. No one truly understands the written creations that have been contributed to this series. So onto … Continue reading

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Book Review: Apesh*t – Author Carlton Mellick

apesh*t-Carlton Mellick

APESHIT The title says it all. Apesh*t! A book written by the master of Bizarro Fiction, Carlton Mellick. This is the author’s little homage to the 70’s and 80’s slasher in the woods type story. We all know the formula a little too intimately. A group of horny teenagers go into the woods and one by one they get hacked up by some deranged lunatic who has a fondness of well, hacking people up. It’s … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horror Library Vol 3 – Edited by R.J. Cavender


HORROR-LIBRARY VOLUME 3 Seated in the dark confines of my bedroom which serves as my office space, I’ve just finished reading Horror-Library Volume 3. The third installment of the Horror-Library series edited by R.J. Cavender. This time around, the thirty twisted and disturbing tales written by the minds of people who are just as ordinary as we are…or are they? From the very beginning to the end, it was all tense and frightening. The first … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horror Library Volume 2 – Edited by R.J. Cavender


HORROR LIBRARY VOLUME 2 Here we are, what are the words that would describe the atrocities contained within this tome? How am I able to describe the horror written by authors whom readers of horror fiction will be learning about in the future? Horror Library Volume 2 is a follow up of short horror stories written by authors who know the craft and understand the horror genre very well. The stories contained within, short but … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pressure – Author Jeff Strand


PRESSURE Written by Jeff Strand Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: color – 323 pages Price: $7.99 There are times in your life where you’re looking for that one of a kind novel that will keep you at the edge of your seat, well let me tell you about one novel titled, Pressure. It’s written by an author who manages to capture his readers’ attention by writing the most terrifying scenes that could … Continue reading

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Book Review: Crimson – Author Gord Rollo


CRIMSON Written by Gord Rollo Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W – 326 pages Price: $7.99 CRIMSON: A childhood evil unlike any other… After just finished reading the latest horror novel Crimson, written by the extremely talented Gord Rollo, I was simply amazed by how well written the novel turned out to be. It’s reminiscent of Stephen King’s IT, which is a good thing. I say we all need inspirations to come … Continue reading

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Book Review: Depraved – Author Bryan Smith


DEPRAVED Written by Bryan Smith Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W – 336 Pages Price: $7.99 Having read Bryan Smith’s The Freakshow, I knew what I was getting myself into when I purchased and read Depraved. Now for those who have read The Freakshow, Depraved is ten times worse in regards to the shock factor. You have incest. You have backwoods hicks who run sex trades.

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Book Review: Everybody Dies Famous in a small Town – Author Wrath James White


EVERYBODY DIES FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN Written by Wrath James White Published by: Thunderstorm Books Publication Date: 2010 Format: Black /White Price: $13.95 After reading Wrath James White’s previous books I was ready for anything when I received my copy of Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town. I was expecting another intense and violent and sickly graphic tale of madness and murder. When I read this book I was surprised. The book was … Continue reading


Book Review: Ghoul – Author Brian Keene


GHOUL Written by Brian Keene Published by Dorchester Publishing Company Publication Date: 2008 Format: color – 341 pages Price: $7.99 GHOUL: A Summer of Pure Terror Earlier in the day, I’d just finished reading a book titled Ghoul, written by the two time Bram Stoker award winning author, Brian Keene. I’ve been a fan of his ever since reading Dark Hollow and his other later books. When I’ve found out that he’d written a novel … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Haunted Caves – Adapted by Sammy Montana


THE HAUNTED CAVES Based on a Screenplay By: Michael Stevens Adapted By: Sammy Montana Published by Devils Due Publishing Publication Date: 2008 Format: color – 48 pages Price: $5.95 Take a trip through the real Haunted Caves… I just got my monthly comic order in and within the batch of comics that I had ordered was the graphic novel, The Haunted Caves. The graphic novel was published by the company Devil’s Due Publishing. They are … Continue reading


Book Review: Jake’s Wake – Author John Skipp, Cody Goodfellow


JAKE’S WAKE Written by John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2008 Format: color – 317 pages Price: $7.99 Resurrection from Hell… Jake Connaway was a pastor who promised his followers everlasting life. He is considered to be a televangelist who has a cult following. Everyone follows Jake’s word. Well Jake isn’t all that he appears to be, he’s very manipulative and truth be told, very evil. He is the type … Continue reading

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Book Review: Moral Horror – Author Solomohn Ennis


MORAL HORROR Author Solomohn Ennis Elise Hammersburg,  Jason Hughes (Editor) Published by Black Freighter Productions Publication Date: 2009 Format: color – 116 pages Price: $15.00 I’m a sucker for short horror stories. Having just checked out the new horror anthology titled Moral Horror, I wasn’t at all disappointed with the contents that were contained in this thin book. The stories themselves were dark in every sense of the word. Whether you have an appetite for a … Continue reading


Book Review: Muse – Author Adra Steia


MUSE Author Adra Steia Published by Tease Publishing LLC Publication Date: 2007 Format: Black /White – 285 pages Price: $3.99 A Psychic Obsession… Ash Roland does not hold back from the message she wants to convey to us. The story Muse had a very profound impact on me when I read it. The story is centered upon an artist who once again reconnects to his long time sweetheart. The emotion that was put behind the … Continue reading


Book Review: Spirit Mother – Author Adra Steia


SPIRIT MOTHER Written by Adra Steia Published by Tease Publications Publication Date: 2008 Format: Black /White – 340 pages Price: $14.99 A tragic and horrific tale of love and all things dark and morbid! One of my goals is to become a horror author. I try to meet as many people in the industry as I possibly can. Well I managed to meet one writer, a very talented and a very beautiful writer by the … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Golem – Author Edward Lee


THE GOLEM Author Edward Lee Published by Leisure Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: color – 323 pages Price: $7.99 As a reader of intense horror fiction I look for the very best that will have that one of a kind impact to gross me out, which is rare to do. If there’s an author out there that’s capable of grossing out his readers then its Edward Lee. I’ve read one of his other books titled … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horror Library – Vol 1


When I decided to check out the short story scene, I stumbled upon a publisher called Cutting Block Press who published a series of short story anthologies called The Horror Library. The first book contains over thirty short stories written by extremely talented writers who all deserve Bram Stoker Awards in the future. When I discovered they had published these anthologies I could not pass up the opportunity to read and review the first book. … Continue reading

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