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Book Review: Storm Demon (The Jake Helman Files #5) – Author Gregory Lamberson

Storm-Demon-lambersonWith the release of the fifth book in The Jake Helman Files, Storm Demon proves to be Gregory Lamberson’s next bestseller. The novel focuses on a new adventure that private eye, Jake Helman finds himself going on so that he can find a close friend of his who has gone missing. Like Gregory’s previous novels, Storm Demon focuses on the supernatural where Jake Helman is up against his most formidable foe. The relationships Jake has with his friends and love interest are difficult enough to manage with the supernatural finding a way to make his life even more difficult than it already is. Jake is at a crossroads with trying to protect his loved ones from whatever force is out there to destroy him and those he cares about the most.

The surrealistic moments is what takes its tolls on Jake. They are what makes the novels fun to read and makes it feel like you are apart of the story. The book is not for the feint hearted. The intensity is taken up another level in Jake’s latest adventure. Our hero faces overwhelming odds that makes Storm Demon the page turner that it is. The characters have a way of maturing or taking on another meaning in Gregory Lamberson’s series.

The lives around Jake manage to pull together in overwhelming odds. Some have a hard time recovering after the last novel. Jake has sacrifices he has to make and feels the impact after they are made. Jake’s character is someone that a reader can relate to. They feel the same thing Jake feels at times whenever they are up against something that seems impossible to overcome. In Storm Demon, it is a god, or the oldest woman on Earth. The way Gregory Lamberson creates his characters and makes them believable is what makes him the most talented writer to work in this struggling industry. His stories no matter how horrific they are, manage to catch the imaginations of readers who are fans of the horror genre. There is a reason that Gregory Lamberson is considered the best horror writer today. His novels never stop making us turn the page to see what his characters are going to face next.

Gregory’s own universe he creates with these characters is unique and intriguing. You pick up a book of his and you are thrown into a world of mystery and horror. You are on an emotional roller coaster where it takes you high up and when you thought it was safe, the ride drops and you begin to feel the coming thrills that the ride gives you.

The only thing different is, it is a book and you are in a position where you either want to find out what happens next or you are terrified of what is on the next page and what may happen to your favorite character. In some cases, Storm Demon is one surprise package that none of us are prepared for. The way the chaos builds is like watching a train wreck unfold. You know it is about to happen and you cannot peel your eyes off the ensuing chaos until it happens.

So many subplots lie in wait for the reader when they begin reading Storm Demon. They come and they leave you wondering how our protagonist is going to deal with this new dilemma. They read how the main character interacts with his surroundings and comes up with ways to get around them. This is another reason why Gregory is talented at making Jake Helman’s character so unique. He throws Jake into certain situations where our hero does not know how to get around them and that is the many wonders of Gregory’s stories. The worlds he creates for them are ones we dream about, but not want to live in.

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