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Book Review: The Frenzy War – Author Gregory Lamberson

Who doesn’t love werewolves and secret societies dedicated to hunting them down, mixed with a dose of intense action, horror and enjoyable characters? The Frenzy War has all of that combined, it is the second book in the Frenzy Series, written by Gregory Lamberson, author of such horror novels like Johnny Gruesome, Personal Demons, Desperate Souls, The Frenzy Way, Cosmic Forces and his upcoming latest novel Tortured Spirits.

The horror writer has made a name for himself in creating two book series, The Jake Helman Files and The Frenzy Series. Again, he has come up with characters that are engaging, likable and able to capture the readers’ attention. The Frenzy War, has what you need in a good werewolf story, only they are known as wolves in this particular novel.

What makes this book different from the other novels out there is, that it’s not afraid to bend the rules. Gregory has created an elaborate world where wolves walk amongst us and can change anytime. There are no rules contained here, whatever you thought of a werewolf story is nonexistent.

What makes this story so good is, the ability Gregory has in playing with our emotions for the characters, here, he makes us care about the monsters and makes us want the monsters to rip apart the bad guys in this book. The action scenes are well written and fast paced, there are no parts in the novel that are lagging. The book is a definite page turner and is able to have the reader wanting to find out what happens next until the end, where it is open ended, leaving room for another book.

It’s refreshing to see Gregory Lamberson tackling novels that have either been done poorly or well done by other writers. Gregory has changed the game field with the horror genre and is putting everyone on notice with his ability to weave a good horrific tale.

If anything, finished with reading the Frenzy War, the reader will get a good dose of horror, romance, secret assassins and wolves. This is one fellow horror reader who is satisfied with Gregory’s latest tale. All I can say is, keep them coming Gregory!

Book Review: The Frenzy War – Author Gregory Lamberson

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