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Book Review: The Jake Helman Files: Tortured Spirits – Author Greg Lamberson

I have to be honest about this review, I’ve had a hard time getting through it because it seems that no matter how many times I go back to the pages I’ve read, Jake always manages to get himself into more and more trouble and this time he’s brought a friend…so here we go, a full review on Gregory Lamberson’s latest Jake Helman novel about everyone’s favorite private investigator who, has a nasty habit of getting involved with the supernatural. This time, he is out of his element. The premise is good, the action in the book is even better, this nice little combination has a lot going for it. The tension is, Jake has become close to one of the previous characters. He is conflicted by having her come along, which is a nice added touch to the story it makes it interesting to see where the book is going and so far, this book delivers the goods we horror fans have been wanting from a well written book dealing with the genre we all come to love.

Not even an island where it is ruled by a powerful dictator and with the threat of Black Magic and zonbies can keep Jake Helman away. If you’re looking for exotic adventure, filled with overwhelming odds, this book is for you. The odds are stacked heavily against Jake and as the reader continues reading, he or she will be at the edge of their seats craving more, like the drug mentioned within the novel. Out of five severed heads, I give this one five, this has been one of the best Jake Helman books Gregory Lamberson has written and I for one am eager to see what will he be able to come out with next and wonder how will Jake be able to deal with his next challenge if one ever presents itself. Gregory has created a vast universe where the possibilities are endless, all I can say is…”Can I have more, please?”

Anyone who has read the previous books will know that, Gregory Lamberson has left readers wondering what more trouble will Jake Helman find himself in. The complications within the book are more intense than what readers will anticipate. There are dangers lurking about, the change in scenery is a pleasurable bonus, for us, yes, but not for Jake who has been on a journey to save his friend. The relationship between Jake and Maria is what makes us care even more for the two, readers will cringe at the horrors and suffering our heroes are put through as they desperately try to accomplish their goal in coming to Pavot Island.

I often wondered after all that Jake has gone through before this novel, would he finally call it quits, not likely. Jake has proven himself to be a worthy adversary against those who try to oppose him.

It’s a real treat to see old and new characters pop up in this novel. The book is fast paced and doesn’t let until the end, the developing relationship between Jake and Maria, also helps build the novel to its fullest potential. Readers can identify with the characters as there is a message that speaks out to the reader, that no matter how hard your life is, there’s always hope out there. I’ve noticed this little message as Jake and Maria learn more about their new environment as they race against time to save someone. The humor is nicely balanced and Jake always manages to come up with the most clever things to say to those he is up against. In a way Jake is more than an investigator. He’s a badass who isn’t afraid to fight anyone.

Book Review: The Jake Helman Files: Tortured Spirits – Author Greg Lamberson

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